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Jackson Pollock

Subject: Biographies
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In 1912 was born a new great American painter who later in his life would develop a new style of painting on. His name was Jackson Pollock. During the 1940s he began experimenting with automatic writing, and in 1947 he came up with a technique called action painting.
Many claim that two other painters, Max Ernst and Hans Hofmann, has invented action painting but Pollock has developed it.
He took great canvases, rolled them out on the floor and then he let the paint flow out, sprinkle it or spread it out with sticks, trowels or knives. From the big screen, he could then cut out one or more works of art.
Action painting is also called spontaneity.
Jackson Pollock has told him it was painting a ritual act, and while he painted, he was not aware of what he did.
One of his most popular painting Wooden Horse Wooden Horse, or as it is called in Swedish are at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.
Jackson Pollock died in 1956.

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