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Janis Joplin

Subject: Biographies , Music
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Life and career

In Port Arthur (Texas), in the morning, January 19, 1943 (center during WWII) saw Janis Joplin for the first time the light of day. Her mother Dorothy and father Seth later produced two siblings as a companion for her.
Even as a little Janis listened to a lot of music, jazz was what she liked most, but she also liked the rock. Blues ... especially Bessie Smith, and "black" folk interested in her, too, and it was perhaps that which characterized her own products most, or at least a bit calmer and "gråtmildare" that came towards the end of her life and career.
Janis did not immediately work with the music, even when she had done it, so she continued with extra toffee in the bowling alley and as a switchboard operator. The music industry is rarely profitable right from the onset. Her first appearances were in small places back home in Texas in the early 60's, but she did not get much attention but laid the talent on the shelf until further notice. Purely professional, at least, in their spare time she still played as a member of the "Waller Creek Boys".
Janis was not just a musical talent, she was also very interested in poetry and in particular art and she planned obviously make a living at it, because she began studying at art college. But probably "scratched it in the vocal cords" too much, she abandoned his plans in art direction and moved to San Francisco, where the climate for budding artists were better (she thought yes). After two years of more or less successful gigs both there and in New York, for a time with a jazz band, she returned disappointed to his hometown, 1965th
"Now she will surely give" thought most and it did perhaps Janis herself too, but again not wanted song-god leave her alone. Soon she of mysterious forces pulled back to the stage, and started playing here and there in Houston and Austin, Texas. It went pretty well and when she heard that there was a vacancy in San Francisco, she traveled there again with renewed confidence. She started as a singer in "Big Brother & the Holding Company", a band with an apparently rare cumbersome name.
Now it started to go well. The group recorded the album "Big Brother & the Holding Company" in 1966, which sold very well, and was a success among others. On the famous pop festival in Monterrey. Joplin and her teammates were touring around the country, and she became increasingly known and appreciated. But for some reason did not want the group to stick together properly, and it disbanded after the album "Cheap Thrills" in 1968, which was another success, both musically and financially. Yet you probably have to experience the band live on stage to get the "real" experience.
Joplin began afresh with a completely newly bands, "Main squezze" if flopped total. The crowd booed them by their first and last gig, and Janis stowed-up of the band, kicked some members and picked up others. The name was also replaced, for the less successful past would not affect the future receipt. The band was now about to "The Kozmic Blues Band" "Kozmic Blues", which appeared on the band's only album (which funnily enough called "I Got Dem Ol 'Kozmic Blues Again Mama!").
The band was exceptionally well received on the European tour which was carried out, but when the tour came to the sixties big event, hippie festival and flower-power party Woodstock, the summer of 1969, it went all wrong. Joplin's appearance at the Woodstock festival has generally been appointed as her worst ever om.Istället started Janis her last book, "Full Tilt Boogie" .She began to be noticed by his heroin addiction, which has now been going on for years, and she was both physically and mentally weak. And you can not say she took it easy either, many evenings that should have been spent at home in quiet companionship with the dog George and fish Charlie expelled instead of mass booze and dope.
But still, she was at the peak of his career in the final year, 1970. At last rescencenter and audiences agree her and the band's greatness. The last album that the group recorded, "Pearl," was, according to most Joplin's best, although some argue that some songs are pure garbage. The plate could not be issued before the Joplin himself died of an overdose in October in 1970.


In Love & Peace-era new approach to love, freedom and enjoyment, included, unfortunately, may well say, a good deal more liberal views on drugs. Abuse was considered positive if not then at least clearly acceptable, especially among artists. And to those who were attracted by the exciting chemical substances, also heard Janis Joplin. Alcohol and drug combined with her the rest of wild living was the end of it senare.1970, only 26 years old, she died in a hotel room after an overdose of heroin, but still it is speculated wildly about the "real" cause of death. Maybe she was "murdered during the anti-rock campaign against artists whose names began with J, Q or K, in connection with the assassination of President Kennedy '...


Kozmic Blues album is a mix of her various styles; she has also sung songs that had more blues ("Turte Blues" and others. early), more country ("Me & Bobby McGee") or more rock (especially on the last disc, the "Pearl"). It combines everything together into one admittedly quite undistinguished mix.
The song, "Kozmic Blues" is written by Joplin himself in collaboration with G. Mekler. The text is sentimental suffering but the pace is just right half rock'n'roll. The song is entitled "bluesy"; one can see in his mind's eye how her lower lip trembling, and towards the end it will a little sad wailande (but perhaps more to the soul at all?).
Joplin's voice feels a bit thinner as speed increases, but her resources are still large. And most important is the strong feeling that really is there; I mean, this girl has pain in the blood pump or What? I really wonder how she looked when she sang - her body language and charisma spoken of so much, but I've never seen any TV recording. How she came on the scene was half the fun with her concerts, it seems that the comments to judge.
Some of Janis Joplin's hits are ...
"Piece of My Heart" (1968)
"Turtle Blues" (Joplin, 1968)
"Ball and Chain" (Big Mama Thornton, 1968)
"Kozmic Blues" (Joplin & G. Mekler, 1969)
"Mercedes Benz" (Joplin & M. McClure, 1971)
"Me & Bobby McGee" (K. Kristofferson, 1971) (grossed the most money of all and came top of the charts.)

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