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Jesus birth

Jesus was born over 2000 years ago. His parents, Joseph and Mary were a young couple who lived in the town of Nazareth in Galilee in Palestine, which belonged to King Herod area. One day Maria came to Joseph and said she was pregnant, even though they had no intimacy. Joseph was alarmed and thought about leaving Mary. But then an angel appeared to him and said that the child in Mary being through a holy spirit.
Because the land of Palestine at that time belonged to the Roman Empire, so ordered the Roman emperor that all who lived there would be enrolled. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem then lying in an anna part of Palestine to be enrolled there. While they were there Mary gave birth to a boy named Jesus. According to the Bible, so called for a big star in the sky above the stable where Jesus was born that night. The star was a guide to the three wise men who came to the stables to send gifts to the son of God, the Messiah (Jesus).
King Herod who was told that a new Messiah was coming was scared. He commandments then all the boys under two years in Bethlehem to be killed. But an angel appears to Joseph, and then says that he, Mary and the little Jesus to flee to Egypt, and then do them. But when Herod dies, return them to Nazareth.
Jesus childhood
Jesus, who was now a child certainly went to school and so he helped enough father Joseph in the carpenter work. Helping his father had to start with a very early age. The Bible also tells us that Jesus had several såmsyskon but almost nothing is said about them. As it is told and vets hugely little about Jesus childhood so it is printed if it is not proven. But it can probably be true.
Jesus fatherland
The land of Palestine was the country Jesus was born and grew up in Palestine during the entire lifetime of Jesus Roman. The Roman Empire consisted at that time throughout the Mediterranean. The Romans ruled with an iron fist and in Jude Area (Palestine) in the Roman Empire was always unrest, because the Jews wanted to throw out the Romans and form an independent state. But the Jews never succeeded Romans were too strong. The Jews also longed for the Messiah to come and make Palestine free and independent. Jesus himself grew up to be a very learned and wise man.
Jesus is baptized
Jesus was baptized at age 30 by John the Baptist, a remarkable known prophet who lived in the wilderness of the Jordan River. When Jesus was baptized, the heavens were opened and God's Holy Spirit descended and said, "This is my beloved son, this is my chosen one". It was the sign that Jesus was God's emissary Messiah. All this according to the Bible.
Jesus' message
Jesus had many message to the people, one was "The Golden Rule: Whatever you want people to do for you, you shall also do to them." Jesus wanted the people to be kind and good to each other, not vindictive and vicious. They would not commit crimes and injustices.
Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' ethics
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' ethics describes Jesus which morals and ethics people should use. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute one. He also explains that one can not even think of committing crimes. To think bad thoughts and wish it was forbidden to sin against God, said Jesus. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus also said that we should not worry so much. He drew parallels with the birds and said that they do not sow, harvest and collect food in barns, they get their food from God. Jesus said, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, it will worry about itself, each day has its own trouble."
So I think if Jesus' message
There Jesus said, I think was good, quite okay. I mean, Jesus wanted to change people's views of each other, he vile that it would not be so Harada against each other and take more day as it comes. Jesus preached more equal. He wanted all people would be equally worthy of both rich and poor, kninna one. He was probably pretty equal in what he said, but not quite full. But equality was probably not a big issue at the time. It was accepted only that the men were the ones who had the power and decided, but so did Jesus did not say that. His message was otherwise probably a bit harsh. I mean, he did not exactly receive the punishment that existed. And the penalties for violations that existed at that time was the toughest team. An example is the punishment for adultery. If e.g. a woman committed adultery, the punishment for this stoning. And this said Jesus did not directly stop to but said he stopped by to take a lot of detours.
So I think if Jesus' message today
Today, when we are more equal between men and women would probably some of his message does not work, then I think mainly on his position on the issue of adultery, where he went in line with God's message. But many of his message (the most about how to treat each other) would probably work quite well in today's society. But if they have any sense, I think not so much. Today we all laws and schemes that we should follow and there are probably many young people in today's society that does not know what Jesus' message was. Our laws today perhaps to some extent is based on Jesus ethical messages. But Jesus would be of great importance today in concrete terms, I find it hard to imagine.
So I think if Jesus Figurines today
If there is a Jesus figure today I think not. It would possibly be known musicians and actors who speak about peace and such, but they are more and not alone as Jesus was. But it may still be of importance what they say, especially for young people who see them as idols and listen to them. Why they advocate peace and such is enough to before they become famous, they have thought about these things and when they are known to account for this and advocate it. Because when they are known as more people are listening to what they say and take it by force. Examples are all charity Galas with major celebrities such as Micheal Jackson and this little red AIDS brand that almost all känisar wears in official contexts.
What is a miracle
A miracle is that eg bring someone up from the dead, walk on water or to do incredible things. Jesus performed many miracles. Some of them were about to wake up the dead, walk on water and cure diseases.
Jesus miracles
Jesus' first miracle (according to John) was turning water into wine at a wedding in the town of Cana.
The wine at the party had run out and it was considered very embarrassing if food and drink ran out during a party. But Jesus saved the situation by secretly turning six large jars of water into wine. Wedding Values ​​was surprised when he got a taste of Jesus wine. He was surprised that it tasted better than the wine had run out. He called the bridegroom and said, "All the others are bidding only on the good wine and in the worse when guests start to get drunk. But you have kept the good wine until now. " He was unaware that it was Jesus of wine he drank.
My own reflections on miracles
I do not believe in miracles, and especially not in Jesus. It's just someone who has found them to perplex other people and create suspense.
Why does it say about Jesus' miracles in the Bible, and what you want to prove to them (I think)
Jesus miracles, I think as I said not to. It's just someone who has believed himself seen them because he / she wants so much to Jesus to be the Messiah. And it is also what you want to prove with Jesus miracles. That he really is the Messiah and Son of God. That is why they stand with the Bible, because it just is a big argument for Jesus being the Son of God, the Messiah.
Jesus enemies
Jesus had gained on many dangerous enemies through life. One of these was the Roman rulers who did not want a new Messiah. They were afraid that Jesus incited his followers to revolt. Others were of the Pharisees and scribes who disliked Jesus because he had said that they would go to hell. They also claimed that he broke the laws of God. He also had the priests in the Temple of Jerusalem against him. They felt that he had mocked God and preached a doctrine that conflicted with the Jewish religion. The priests also thought that Jesus was cheeky and rude to them according respected and good people.
The Jewish leaders knew this in the Easter celebrates the times that Jesus would visit Jerusalem to celebrate at Easter. They then decided that he would be arrested and killed as soon as possible.
Jesus also had a traitor among his disciples, he was called Judas. The last evening of freedom gathered Jesus disciples to eat a Passover meal. During the meal he took bread and broke it to the disciples. Jesus said that the bread was his body. Then he gave them wine, saying that the wine was his blood. This phenomenon still exists and is called the Eucharist. Before supper, Jesus had revealed that Judas was the traitor Judas so did not participate in the Eucharist.
Jesus is arrested
After the meal, Jesus and the disciples to the garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. Jesus known that something terrible awaited him, he felt horror. And something happened too. A group of men came walking toward Jesus. Judas marched at the head of the group, and when he came up to Jesus and kissed him. The moment threw himself the other men over him and took him away to the priest. The kiss had been the sign of the other men that the man was Jesus.
Jesus is sentenced
Jesus was interrogated during the night of the Jewish Council. They concluded that he had mocked God and the punishment for it was death. But the Council could not impose the death penalty. So they took Jesus to the Roman governor of Jerusalem, and persuaded him to put him to death. The Roman governor did not really condemn Jesus but was told that persuaded. He rinsed his hands and declared that he was innocent of the death of Jesus. Then he brought out Jesus to die by crucifixion.
Jesus death
Jesus was wearing a red coat and got a crown of thorns on his head. He was whipped, beaten and spat on. Then he got himself wearing corset from Antonia Guarantees Galota. There, nailed him up on corset between two other crucify robbers. On the cross, Jesus was a sign that read "King of the Jews." Jesus was nailed to the corset at nine o'clock in the morning. There were many people around the crosses, many mocked Jesus. At noon darkness came over the earth, which lasted until three o'clock Jesus cried (according to Matthew). "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? '. Then he stopped breathing and died after six hours of suffering on the corset. It is said that when Jesus died, the ground shook, the Jerusalem temple burst into two parts, rocks rännade, graves opened and the dead raised up.
Jesus is resurrected
Jesus was now dead and his friends took his body and wrapped it in white linen. They put the body in a tomb hewn in the rock, and a great stone was rolled to the door. Roman soldiers were guarding the tomb. But after three days, something happened. Two female followers of Jesus came to the tomb. Then there was a strong earthquake and an angel descended from heaven. The Roman soldiers who fell dead to the ground and the angel rolled the stone away from the tomb opening. The women went after that into the tomb and saw where Jesus had lain. The women ran quickly from there to talk about the news to the disciples. On the way they met Jesus who told them to tell the disciples to meet him in Gaul.
Jesus ascension
The disciples went then after a private meeting with the återuppstådda Jesus to a mountain in Gaul where Jesus was waiting for them. Jesus was there a farewell address to the disciples today called "Missionsbefalningen". After the speech, he rose to the sky and disappeared from human sight. This is usually called "ascension". Jesus was about 33 years old.
Who was Jesus, really
I believe Jesus was a religious rebel. He wanted to create a religion that was different from the religion he belonged to Judaism. And that was also the case, it was named Christianity and spread long after his death. Jesus was otherwise good and kind to everyone, he treated everyone the same. For him, all had equal value, women, children, men all had the same value. But he was, however evil against anyone who did not think like him. He fought against his own message by wishing death to their enemies. Once he was heard to say (according to Matthew): "But my enemies, those who do not want to have me king, hit them and stab them in my sight."
Jesus the son of god, no, I do not believe. He was probably in Palestine at the time, but I do not think he had magical, strange forces. He was probably just an ordinary man who was smart, educated, intelligent and had a high IQ. Since there was unrest in Palestine at that time were probably people a little desperate for a new Messiah would come and bring peace. And then you would know the people believe that Jesus was that Messiah, the Son of God. And because they believed so much in him, so they imagined that he performed miracles and walked on water. That, however, he spoke of rules and ethics and such is probably the truth. And that he died on the corset is probably also true. But he reappeared's probably a lie. That said, I believe in Jesus but I do not think he was God's son, had magical powers and could perform miracles. I think however that he believed he was God's son and special. I also believe that Jesus was a good speaker and fellow man.
Jesus many names
Jesus called and called many different things. Here are the ones I know and have found in books.
Son of God
So, I think we should look at Jesus
I believe that one should look at Jesus as a good and wise man. You should see him as the founder of Christianity, that the founder of Sweden's religion. But you'll also see him as a prominent figure in many cases (mainly ethical). One should simply see him as one of the world's most significant and famous people of all time.
Why is Jesus important to many people today (I think)
Jesus is probably a very important person for many, especially for those who are Christians and believe in him as the Messiah. For me, Jesus is not so important and that is because I am not a religious Christian and I do not believe in him as the Messiah. But I can thank him for giving me presents. But for those who believe in him, however, he is probably as I said a very important person. They see him enough as their savior and son of God, and that their religion's founder. But I also think that they see him as a Christian role model, even though he was born a Jew and died a Jew.
Why is Jesus so incredibly famous (I think)
Christianity is one of the world's great religions, Jesus is religion. Anyone living in a Christian country probably knows who Jesus was and a little about what he did. But even that is a little-educated and live in a country that is not Christian probably know who Jesus was. All this because the Bible and the New Testament is the Christian book. It says a lot about Jesus' life, message, miracles, death, and more. All this and much more is probably the reasons why he is one of the world's most famous people so here some 2000 years after his death.

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  1. z on October 3, 2008 at 12:00 am #

    if jesu messages about infidelity:

    When Mary Magdalene would be stoned for adultery.
    Jesus drew a line between maria and those who would stone her and said, "He who does not sinned may cast the first stone" because all men sinned, even those who wanted to stone so they could not do it just because of sin. with it he argued that one should not judge so should anyone judge a.
    that way took Jesus away from stoning.

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