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John Steinbeck

Subject: Biographies
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John Steinbeck was born in Southern California in Salinas in 1902. He grew up in a middle-class family, with German-Irish origin. His mother was a teacher and his father was treasurer.
He held on to university studies between the years 1919-1926, which he did not complete. Maybe because he simultaneously worked mainly on a ranch but also the medical and night watchman. His intention was to become a chemist, something he defentivt was not.
He later took a job at a sugar factory but felt he had more attraction to farm labor.
He failed as a newspaper worker in New York and then went to Montery and wrote his first book, Cup of Gold in 1929. The book was unfortunately not so well known.
In 1938 came the book The long valley which is one of Steinbeck's finest stories, where one finds Steinbeck's skillful narrative art. After the book came the books more closely to look. The grapes of wrath, 1939, (in Swedish called the Grapes of Wrath), which is one of his greatest accomplishments, an exodus epic that is socially relevant. It's about a family that goes from rural environment to fruit picking worker. The family migrates from Oklahoma to California. This book has actually received the Pulitzer Prize.
They most of Steinbeck's books are about people just from California where he is growing up.
Other books he has written include: The moon is down, a lot of work dealing with the German occupation of Norway. This book can be seen as a protest against Nazism. The book was that many of Steinbeck's books, film.
Connery Row in 1945, The log from the sea of ​​Cortez in 1951, which is about a marine biology expedition, East of Eden in 1952 that became the film and dramatized. The short reign of
Birdie IV in 1957, is a political satire. The winter of our discontent came out in 1961.
Steinbeck wrote long with a slight pull of mysticism in his books, which is to recognize if for example you read Steinbeck's "The Pearl" from the year 1947 which is about a poor man who finds a great pearl that brings a curse instead of happiness and wealth .
Steinbeck's major contribution as writers was in the 1930s as a realistic and socially critical storyteller and writer, but he just was not realistic and socially critical but mixed well in a little comedy in their stories. John Steinbeck received a number of awards, one of the most famous is of course the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1962.
On 20 December 1968 death of Steinbeck in New York, but his ashes were then spread in a memorial in the birth town of Salinas.

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