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The Christmas Angel

Subject: Swedish
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Ebba was in the playroom with the nurse Britt, Ebba's mother Carin had just learned that Ebba had cancer. She could hardly believe that Ebba who was only seven years had cancer of the headaches that she enjoyed throughout the fall.
Ebba still did nothing and Carin did not know how she would tell you that either.
Life would not be the same as it was before, realized Carin on direkten.Eftersom Ebba does not have a dad so called Carin for her mother, Ebba's grandmother and asked her to come home and help her take care of Ebba.
- I will instantly said Ebba's grandmother.
Carin went and fetched Ebba from the playroom, the doctors had said that they had to go home today and pick up after the announcement and come back after the weekend on Monday morning.
When Ebba saw his mother and saw her eyes were red and very tearful, she asked, not what it was that had happened, she just did not dare.
Nothing was the same again when they got home that night, all was dead and silent.
Ebba's grandmother was already there when they came home, Carin burst into tears but Ebba did not understand why, she went up to her room and watched a little television.
When the grandmother then came up so asked Ebba why everyone was so sad now that they had come home from the hospital.
- You have a small lump in the brain that makes you not feel so good, 'said the grandmother.
- What will they do with it when asked Ebba sad.
- They're operating off the grandmother said.
Ebba fell asleep in her grandmother's arms that night.

On Monday morning they went off to the hospital, Carin felt that it was the last time she will see Ebba as healthy as she is now. In the car to the hospital Ebba sat in the back seat and joking around with her Barbies.
When they arrived at the hospital expecting that same nurse on those who had been with Ebba in the playroom before the weekend.
She showed them to Ebba's room, there was a pink room with balloons on the walls and in the room there were paintings with teddy bears on.

Ebba would undergo surgery the same day as they got there because they want to prevent the cancer from spreading to other places.
At two doctors came and drove her to the operating room. It was cold in the room thought Ebba and started to freeze a little. The walls were white and the doctors had white masks and green smocks. Ebba had never seen how they how they looked but now she thought they looked like space people.
Ebba was anesthetized and the operation began, it took about 3 hours but everything went well.

Days passed and Ebba started losing his hair of them strong chemo. She was very sad because she wanted so badly to have left her long brown hair.
The doctors found that the hair came off exceptionally fast and it just did Carin even more worried.
One day, Ebba really sick she did not want to eat or drink, she had to travel urgently to the ICU.
It was close to death, doctors said again that she might not live until Christmas and that the state is getting worse. Ebba had them days when she was feeling good and judgment when she's not feeling well.
December 13, lucia day. When Ebba awoke to Lucia morning she felt better than ever. She wanted so much to have anything similar so she asked the mother:
- Please mom that we can arrange anything similar.
Carin hesitated for a moment but then went along with it when she thought it still might be her last lucia she celebrates.
Carin went into town and bought all that were needed, it was not much but still.
When she saw all the kids and Ebba get border through the hallway, she got tears in her eyes, she found Ebba looked like an angel with dress and glitter on his bald head, she looked up and saw that all the nurses and all the doctors had stopped to look at the early childhood and for some of them came a few tears.

The days approaching Christmas Eve but Ebba became worse and worse. She had wounds on the back of just lying in bed all the time because she did not do anything, she was too weak.
On Christmas Eve morning wanted Ebba have on his finest white dress and her bite patent shoes that she had received a birthday present from his grandmother.
On the day got Ebba be in the playroom with the other kids, just because it was Christmas Eve.
Watch a Santa came and handed out presents to all the children, Ebba had a porcelain doll with pink dress and long blonde curly hair. Ebba's mother Carin Also got a Christmas gift, a diary for the following year.

The evening came and Ebba was much worse than all other nights. The time was around nine when Carin was so worried Ebbas condition that she ran away and went for help.
But when she came back it was too late, Ebba was dead, her body could not take more.
Carin broke down, her angel was gone, the Christmas angel was no more.

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