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The characteristic features of Karlfeldt

Karlfeldt is the last of the 90-ist group writers in the 1800s. He counts as Frödings disciple and were influenced by him.
Karlfeldt was raised in the country but came to live his entire adult life in the metropolitan environment. This reflex on in Karlfeldt poems. In many we find a longing and desire to return to childhood security. In reading his poems one could easily get a sense of restlessness and rootlessness which is in good agreement on Karlfeldt. He searched his entire life to find peace in their lives in different ways. Karlfeldt mother was a deeply religious woman and Karlfeldt himself strove to satisfy his restlessness with religion but never gave him what he was looking for.
Karlfeldt poems is very enigmatic and difficult to grasp only. After reading the poems of him arises a sense of loneliness and sadness. In the love poems he wrote it feels as if he was a iaktagare and not one who himself experienced the great love.
Karlfeldt is a true romantic in his poetry. His writing is very broad and includes most; joy, sorrow, anger, sensitivity, force, gravity, play, etc. He has an incredible ability to use colors, fragrances and shapes to express themselves. Karfeldts sense of rhyme is outstanding as reflected in most of the poems.

You smile with white teeth
and lips red gloss,
and look up new teeth
that never existed below.
(Poem, You smile)

Karlfeldt was a well-read and educated man as reflected in his poems. Some of his major interest was the nature which he gladly wrote about, a very honorable source of inspiration for him. Nature was a way to express themselves in and through the Karlfeldt. He wrote about nature as a musician plays on his instrument. Karlfeldt sounded flowers and other plants symbolize what he wanted to say and caressed därgenom until the poem's message.
Karlfeldt aspired to having their poems still his conscience about his ancestors that he thought he had broken with. When he was a student got to his horror experience how the family farm was sold and how his father was thrown into prison. This came to put a deep mark in him.
Karlfeldt has högaktats for their ability to express themselves, for the strong emotions his poems convey and above all for their versatility and variety in the poetry genre. Many subsequent writers have been influenced by Karlfeldt works.

Dictation Analysis

Nothing is like expecting
Nothing is like expecting, spring floods weeks, budding times,
no May the light spreads as the explanatory April.
Finished trail last slip, the forest gives his dävna coolness
and its deep murmur so.
Summer's pleasures, I want to donate for the first straws that glitter
in a dark pine lower and the first thrush drill.

Nothing is like the longing times, väntansår, trolovningstider.
No one was a shimmer spreads like a secret sweetheart.
Rarely meet, distinguished rather thoroughly, dreaming about everything sweet and dangerous
life in her womb wearing!
Golden fruit may second shake; I want to linger and forsake,
in my garden, I want to watch, while the trees to bud in there.

In the poem expresses Karlfeldt that nothing beats the very anticipation. It is that which gives life meaning and excitement. To achieve what you crave is to abstain if you can only covet it.
Spring is described in the poem as the premier of waiting time. It is the season for thriving love and there is much to desire, for example summer.

Virgin Mary
The poem's task is to weave together the Biblical Virgin Mary and an ordinary country girl. The two are attributed to similarities with each other and constitute a person in the poem. She has just taken his first communion and are out walking.
As an ordinary girl, she must watch out for the bear, but she wears a rose - she has received the blood of Christ - and is freed from earthly temptation - she can trample on snakes and thorns.
The girl is raised - she is not burned by the sun or worn out by work and her blood does not burn as others; either burn not at all, she feels no erotic passion, or so it burns of God's desire.
The girl earth bound - she is fragile and must not go their own ways, her mother waiting for her and worried that she should not be out alone late.


Karlfeldt expresses its admiration for the way his ancestors led their lives. They lived faithful to the king and god, worked hard and lived through the hard times together.
Karlfeldt seeking strength in its origins and strive to live as their fathers and not in luxury and opulence. Karlfeldt feels he betrayed their origin by moving from their home and cling to their origin through poetry.

Farewell Song

And the kiss, the kiss of faithful mouths that whisper love and breathe glow,
because the darkness overflows from deep wells, and the sky is filled with vapor and sickly red.

This underlines that you should take advantage of good luck and friends approached constantly late and want to be remembered must arouse strong feelings so that the memories remain clear

Easy is to remember and hard to forget! But the sunken sun, you do not see again -
in different climes we should dream about everything that is never equal more.

and not readily fade with time. Also download Karlfeldt strength of family and religion. For those who rely on God waits happiness in his kingdom after death.

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