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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a substance derived from kokabuskens sheet. Cocaine may be eaten, snorted or injected, but it can also be converted to a steaming form. It is called "crack". Cocaine was first used as an anesthetic in hospital, but it was not long before it was classified as a narcotic.

How to use the drug and how affected you?

Taking the drug by eating, sniffing, smoking or injecting. Cocaine affects circulation and nervous system. Anyone who takes cocaine feel upwards, happy and confident about half an hour. But then one becomes equally depressed and irritable. Sadness becomes so strong that it becomes necessary to take a new virus, and so on.
Those who abuse cocaine suffer easily from infections, stomach problems and liver damage. Even blood vessels can burst and it can go so far that the heart stops. The addict also suffer psychologically. You become cruel, callous, violent and it may even have hallucinations as side effects. The beginners do not notice anything at first, but it looks like you have not become addicted yet. It usually become addicted after only a few rounds or drunkenness as it is called. Novice discovers late what he was getting into.

How does cocaine internationally?

Cocaine is expensive drug market. The cocaine has not yet extended over the whole world, but it is well on the way to do it. In Gothenburg Customs 1999 as it was found 243kg of cocaine in a container from South America. Cocaine is similar to amphetamines, but cocaine is more brief and intense. In the US and parts of Europe is the most common stimulant drug cocaine. In Sweden, there has only been a "party drug" among big cities.

Once when I was in Barbados where I was offered cocaine by a guy who was sitting at a dock. He said: "Do you want some cocain boy?". Of course I answered no, but it is frightening to see how cocaine salesman will contact with young people, and then they get addicted.

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