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The carbon cycle

Subject: Physics
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There was once a carbon atom named Kurt. I was born when the world was born. The good thing with me is that I will never get old. I used to play with my two best buddies oxygen atom, they called Sigurd and Simon. We fly a little out of the ocean when I was sucked down by the alga ALGOT. He took me down to two other atoms on the bottom. Here we played cards in many millions of years when it rained every day waste to us so we each held. After many years, I and my buddies to oil along with the depressed waste. One day there came a oljebåt that sucked up into a pipe that brought us to mass crooked pipe. They fired over us so they could see who was small and fast and big and slow. Felt almost like bullying. One day, a car came and sucked me out of a gas station where I slept for a few days. He woke me right in the middle of the night. I lay there in the gas tank of a car and rippled. While I was sleeping got a spark from the car and I was stunned. I flew out of the exhaust pipe with a big bang, where I found an oxygen atom named Sussi. I Sussi and went to a pub in the smoke where we found another friend. His name was Sylvester. After the roadside grew a lot of plants, we fly there in an opening in a green leaf. There I found a disco more carbons which had oxygen atoms buddies. I thought that carbon and oxygen atoms seem to thrive together. We sat down and talked about old memories when a carbon atom boasted that he had been in Michael Sumachers gas tank, another boasted that he had been eaten by Peter Forsberg. Amidst all the revelry came a horse and ate us up. The horse was slain, and became a hamburger at McDonalds. There, we were kept in the freezer until one of the workers took up the hamburger and fried us so we could eat. In a few minutes so we lay in the blood of the obese American kid who devoured us. We went with the blood through the aorta with great speed up to a brain cell where I am now and wrote this story about the carbon atom. Because I am very interested in chemistry because I happened to be in that part of the brain that was interested in chemistry.

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