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Topic: Chemistry
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Alkanes (aliphatic hydrocarbons or paraffins) are saturated hydrocarbons .Alkaner, ie, they contain only carbon-carbon single bonds. Alkanes having the general formula = C n H 2n +2.

Methane, CH4, is the simplest hydrocarbon. Methane is formed in nature through install. a. anaerobic degradation of cellulose (plant parts) under the action of bacteria. Rice fields and logging is a major source of methane. In such swamps and lakes can also methane gas bubble to the surface. The gas is then called marsh gas. The gas also act as CM in the mines, where they can cause devastating explosions. Natural gas is also included as part of the gaseous petroleum sources.

Methane is like water vapor and carbon dioxide a "greenhouse gas" that contributes to the increase in temperature of the earth's average temperature. Methane is 23 times more effective greenhouse gas than CO2.

When methane burns are carbon dioxide and water in an exothermic reaction.
CH4 (g) + 2 O2 (g)  CO2 (g) + 2 H2O (l) H = -890 kJ
The methane four hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom by covalent binding, ie electron pair binding. Methane is constructed as a tetrahedron with the hydrogen atoms in the corners and the carbon in tetraederns gravity.

Structural formula: Molecular formula: CH4

ALKAN FORMULA Melting Point (° C) Boiling Point (° C) Number of isomers
Methane CH 4 -183 -162 1
Ethane C2H6 -172 -89 1
Propane C3H8 -188 -42 1
Butane C4H10 -135 -0.5 2
Pentane C5H12 -130 +36 3
Hexane C6H14 -95 +69 5
Heptane C7H16 -91 +98 9
Octane C8H18 -57 +126 18
Nonane C9H20 -54 +151 35
Decane C10H22 -30 +174 75
Undecane C11H24 -26 +196
Hexadecane C16H34 +18 +287 = Common Name cetane
Eicosan C20H42 +37 +343 366319

Triacontane C30H62 +66 +446 4.11 * 109
Next in alkanserien hydrocarbon is ethane, C2H6,

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