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Consumer Economy

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Mail order and Internet shopping

If you buy by mail order, it means that you order goods by making his order by fax, letter, telephone or internet by a company. The convenience of sitting at home in peace and quiet and to select one or more items from an infinite variety ments than enough reason so many uses mail order. But it can probably be easy to buy more than what you originally had in mind, so it must look out for.

If you choose to buy from smaller companies because of lower prices, you get to think about the standard and safety may be lower than the big companies, it might be smart to think about if you are forced to give out personal information such as account number, etc., it is not wise if you do it on a smaller unknown companies.

At postorderköp and intenethandel of Swedish companies in the EU countries apply distance agreement, consumers have the right to cancel a ingånet agreement within 14 days notify the trader. The consumer does not have to give any reasons as to why he / she wants to end the concluded agreement, but of course the goods may be used if the return on, and the shipping cost will be borne by yourself. Disadvantages of trade in mail order and internet shopping is that you can not try and it is difficult to judge the color and quality only after a cataloged images. And it can be hard and feel awkward to returning an item that you regret or that it is wrong. On which you ordered is out backordered it, but you do not want to wait, you must have the hassle of making a cancellation. And consumer protection are often lower if you buy through online purchases.

And one more thing to think about is that they are always cheaper to pay cash!

Pay, save and borrow


Nowadays, not money banknotes and coins before. We are moving into a society without cash, and we can withdraw money through ATMs at any time of day. The salary paid to an account in another bank. We pay the goods and services of 'plastic cards'', the internet, check and credit transfer from this account. Some kinds of "plastic cards" we use are: Payment cards, debit cards, credit cards and cash cards / cash cards.

What are the various cards for the function?

Payment cards

Your purchases you've made over a certain period to a single invoice, you collect with a debit card. Then, you pay the entire debt at the same time. Although it may take one to two months between purchase and payment, it is not the same as credit. VISA, American Express and others are examples of debit cards.


A credit card is a variant of credit cards. It is a certificate stating that the holder has the credit of the issuer of the card. Card company pays the merchant, and in turn invoices the cardholder. Down the credit card, you can buy goods and later get a bill that you can pay at one time or cancellations.


With a debit card to make withdrawals at ATMs, but the range of bank cards can be expanded. Bank card can be linked with a payment service, which means that the card can be used as payment cards. The sum is automatically deducted from your debit card when you shop for them.

Payment has become a world currency. In Sweden, the number of bank cards issued over seven million. They can be used for purchases and cash withdrawals in practically the entire world. Similarly, over two billion foreign cards used anywhere in Sweden. The ever-increasing Internet trade is also largely based on card payments.


In your budget should be some savings included. Savings can apply security if something remains subject would happen or perhaps future purchases. There are different forms of saving to choose from; if you exclude ordinary savings accounts are, inter alia, retirement savings, stocks and bonds.

Pension Saved

Savings can be made by bank or insurance company, and (saving) are becoming more common. Pension race grows the more the earlier you start saving.


Stocks are shares in a limited company, which means that you are part owner of a company. However, there are certain risks associated with stock investments. If the company were to go bad so decreases the value of the shares, and if it would go well, you increase the value.

Shares can buy or sell through a bank, stockbroker or through the Internet. You can also save in equity funds. The risks associated with it is an equity fund includes shares from many different companies. Companies give a portion of its profits to the shares once a year.


Bonds provide inter alia State out. Interest lottery among those who own the bonds. The bonds can usually be redeemed for 5-10 years with the so-called nominal value (a påstämplat value). As their bond purchases and sells it in a bank, they are given out for various housing institutions.


Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment means paying afterwards to get the product or service performed. To borrow the bank or

get credit cards must be of legal age (18 years) and have a certain income.

Frequently credit card forms are:

• Loan from a bank or finance company

• Credit

• Member Loans

What type of credit you should choose depends on:

• How much you need to borrow

• How fast you can repay

Bank loans

It distinguishes secured loans and unsecured loans. Security can be eg property, condominium or bail. Mortgage is an example of a secured loan is a loan secured by real estate or condominium. Borgen means that someone else agrees to pay instead of you if you can not repay as agreed. Unsecured loans often have higher interest rates and higher repayment period (payback) than secured loans. It is a great responsibility and it can be expensive to endorse.


Credit cards are linked to the credit (money). This means that you can trade goods and services for so much money you have on the card. The debt is amortized (paid off) every month, plus interest. The interest rate is usually very high on this type of credit card, between 20-30%.

Loss of plastic cards

It shall immediately notify the police and the card company if you have lost a "plastic card". Then after notification card is blocked and the account holder is then not liable for the amounts levied on the account.

Member Loans

A member loans, all that is a union get. An ordinary bank loan has a higher interest rate than a member loans. It is the union and the bank that has agreed forward this loan.

Leasing and rental agreements

Leasing is a mixed form of credit purchases and långidshyra. It means that you do not own the goods, but you must return it when the rental period expires. Then the goods redeemed at a lowered price.

Rental of electronics, such as TV and video are relatively common. One should carefully check who has the liability for theft, fire, repair needs, etc. Typically, this rental agreement. If the agreement is to you to be the owner of the rental period, are considered "rent" as credit purchase.

Good advice for credit purchases

You should always request a payment plan before you buy on credit, and carefully compare the various loan options offered by the store.

These four tasks must be a payment plan include:

• The amount to be paid every month.

• How long this monthly amount to be paid.

• How large the total becomes all costs.

• How high the interest rate is.

Payment plan shows how much of the cash price you must pay. It is only when you know that you can decide if you think the product is worth the market cost as a credit always involves.

What happens when you can not pay?

Unemployment or to have tempted to shop with credit cards that they later receive high debts as a result has led many people have had their economy ruined. Debts can finally have become so high that it can no longer afford to pay back, and if you can not pay its debts end up finally the magistrate's office, which then may be forced to make foreclosure, which means that capital goods such as Sterio, digital cameras and car seized by the authority for the sale. In the worst case can even be forced to sell their homes. In addition, the bailiff decide seizure on wages until the debt is settled. After the debt is paid, are you still with the Enforcement Agency registers in several years. Which can make it harder to eg get new loans, credit cards or to rent an apartment, this limits one's life in a very high degree.

Debt Settlement Act

One can get the help of debt settlement law on the debts have become so high that you can not even have the opportunity to pay off their debts for the rest of one's life. But the requirements are however very strict.


In order to feel secure if you would have the misfortune of being involved in an accident you have to have some insurance. Insurance usually divided into property insurance and personal insurance. Sakförsäkringar is e.g. Home insurance and vehicle insurance (scooter, car, etc.), and personal insurance, for example, Accident insurance and pension insurance. One must often pay a deductible if something should happen because sakförsäkringen not rule covers all of the damage. It is important that you find out självriskens size when you take out insurance.

Home insurance

You should immediately get a home insurance policy, when you move into a home of their own. For young people, most insurance companies special deals on home insurance. At inter alia burglary, bicycle theft, and fire in your home insurance policy gives financial support. It also includes a liability regime that applies if you have caused damage to someone else's property. The rule that includes the right protection (lawyer) and assault cover. A travel insurance is included too often.

Accident insurance

An accident insurance is important to you. This means that in conjunction with if you were injured, you can get reimbursement of expenses. You also get compensation if you were injured so severely that you get the future but or become invaliserad. The school and nursery ensure children and young people, but then the insurance is valid usually only for injuries that occur during school hours, or to and from school.

Health insurance

Health insurance komplettar public health insurance (by society) has in recent years become common.

Car insurance

By law, moped, motorcycle and car be insured. Such insurance means that if you would be involved in an accident you will not have to pay the damages for which you can be convicted of, then you have a vehicle insurance so paid

The insurance company the compensation for you.

Travel insurance

If you travel abroad, you must be sure to be insured. Usually they will help travel agents to arrange an insurance policy when you order the trip. Do you have insurance that also includes travel insurance, this usually an accomplished travel protection. However, you should check the insurance contract or call and check with the insurance company.

Request a quote

The premium can vary widely. Therefore request a quote from multiple companies companies!

Consumer Protection Laws:

Consumer protection for the individual

Credit may not buy on the bow you are of age, ie, the bow you are 18 years old. If you are under 18 but have parents signature however, you can buy on credit, otherwise it is illegal. If you are already at the age of 16 have their own earned income you can buy virtually anything you want, except for alcoholic drinks and tobacco, only you pay cash. For a seller and a buyer, there are several laws that are talking about the rights and responsibilities they have.

The main consumer laws are:

• Contractual Modes

• Distance contracts Modes

• Consumer Insurance Act

• Consumer Credit Act

• Konsumentköparlagen

• Consumer Services Act

• Pricing Act

• Product Safety Act

• Marketing Act

Terms of contract law

Conditions that solely benefit the seller is prohibited. Unfair terms in the purchase and rental contracts or guarantees

Examples of where this may apply.

Distance contracts Modes

When you buy or rent movable property or services by a trader (company) for distance contracts modes. Movables are goods, shares, condominiums, etc., and a service, for example, Be modifications, repairs, or manufacturing work. The law applies to both distance contracts and home sales.

• When you and the seller did not meet in person eg when shopping via the Internet, telephone sales, TV shopping, mail order or e-mail, for distance contracts modes.

• When you purchase something in your home or at a location that is not a fixed point of sale (business) eg agreements concluded at your workplace, in hospitals, at conferences or other place where you are not just for the moment are, comes home sales. It must be the seller who has approached you and not vice versa for the law to apply.

According to the Distance Selling Act, you have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 days, the so-called cooling-off period. Before a deal is done,

Always inform the seller of the withdrawal period.

Exemptions from the Act

The law applies agile distance contracts relating

• insurance and credit

• auctions - internet auctions are covered by the Act.

The law does not apply at the doorstep contracts

• the price falls below 300 SEK

• you have asked the seller to come

• Agreement covering insurance

• contract for the sale of shares or other securities

• conclusion at a home visit that you yourself have expressly requested.

There are some other exceptions to the law. Distance contracts modes is therefore important to find out if it applies.

The seller shall give details of the withdrawal right and provide a withdrawal form when an agreement has been concluded under a distance contract positions.

Consumer Insurance Act

Consumer Insurance Act covers non-life insurance. This law rules for insurance information, premium payments, claims and how insurance is renewed.

The Act does not apply

• specialty insurance such as animal insurance, jewelery insurance

• health and accident insurance


The law applies

• When you as a private person buys a company

• When you ordered a product that did not come in time

• Once you have purchased an item through misleading advertising

• When there is a problem with a product - Act contains a general senmånaders Guarantee

Konsumentköparlagen does not

• Buy from private individuals

• Upon purchase of the work or service - in that case the Consumer Services Act

• Purchase of securities (eg shares), insurance, or real property (eg apartment).

Consumer Services Act

Consumer Services Act applies when a trader performs work on something that you own. When e.g. repairs, work on the property and the storage of movable property such as storage of furniture, the law gives you protection. It may not be changed if you have received a specific price. The price may not be exceeded by more than 15% if you have received an approximate price.

Pricing Act

According to the price information law must pay the correct price information, inter alia, storefronts.

Marketing Act

• advertising claims, and promises must be true, and so designed that it is clear that this is just advertising.

• Advertisements should not contain any untrue statements

• The basic principle for all advertising must be consistent with good marketing

What is good marketing shown by special regulations from including Consumer Agency.

Voluntary Consumer Protection

Opening buy

Within an agreed period, you are entitled to return an item with a receipt. Then you get the money back. But it's not always you get the, in some stores when changing an item can get a store credit instead of money back when you change an item. If you get a voucher you can only shop in the store where you bought the item you want to change, you must not money back. Therefore, it can be helpful to find out if you can get your money back when you buy goods you really are not sure you want.


With the exchange right, it means that you have the right to exchange an item, and take another instead, but if you can not find something, you get a voucher which I mentioned before. Then you have not the right to demand the money back.


Exceptions to the right to exchange and return policy:

• Underwear

• Swimwear

• Toiletries

• Flowers

• Meat products

• Special Ordered goods

• Changed goods

• Goods with a reduced price, etc.

Good to know when buying

• Save your receipt! If you have a complaint about the goods, you should be able to show where and when you bought the item and how much it cost.

• Find out which rules on open purchase or exchange right that the deal applies.

• Check the goods once you receive it.

• Immediately contact the seller if you find something wrong with the product. Try to agree with the seller.

• If the lack of conformity is due to you negligence the seller shall not be responsible for the error.

• If there is a fault in the goods and the seller wants to give you a flawless be instead must make do with it.

• If there is a problem with an item that makes you have the right to let the purchase go back, should you require to get back the money and not just a store credit.

To complain about a product

If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, you should promptly complain about it (the complaint).

Do this:

• Go to the company that sold or performed the service and request correction.

• Refused corrections, you can turn to the municipal consumer advisors who contact the company.

• Refusing company still give you the right you can consumer advice can help you to bring the matter to the Consumer Complaints (ARN). ARN contact the company to receive comment on the report. Can you still do not agree examining board who is right. Then, you and the company recommendation on how you will resolve the dispute. Most companies follow ARN's recommendation.

• If the company still does not follow ARN's recommendation, you can proceed to court (district court) for the so-called simplified trial. The District Court judges usually for Consumer Complaints Board's recommendation.

If the store has stopped

You can in some cases make a complaint to the past "säljled" (eg, wholesaler, importer or manufacturer). It makes you think about

• The transaction has ended or transferred.

• Seller is impossible to obtain.

Save the purchase documents

At least this time you have the opportunity to complain about a product, you should save letters, receipts, warranties, receipts, etc. The purchase documents should be kept for longer time at a major purchase (eg computer, mobile phone, digital camera, etc.), for example, to prove that the goods have been paid. This is especially credit purchases, which documents must be retained as long as payments remain. You must be able to show the buyer a receipt for the goods is paid when you eg sell a used item. This shall you also think about when you buy more expensive second-hand goods.

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