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Crystal Water

Subject: Chemistry
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Fast path, crucible, crucible tongs, burner, tripod, triangle, spoon.
Artickel Subject + crucible weight alone topic
Tom crucible 15.00 g 0g
Crucible + CuSO4 + X H2O 18.98 g 3.98 g
Crucible + CuSO4 17.58 g
2.58 g
Pulp dried CuSO4 1.40 g

With these values, we can now calculate how many molecules of water a formula unit of CuSO4 can bind.

(Formula mass of CuSO4 and H2O I got by looking at the periodic table)
2.58g / 159.6g = 0.01617 Mol copper sulphate
1.40g / 18g = 0.0778 Mol crystal water
0.0778 / 0.01617 = 4.8 (5)


The table and formula collection will result in 5, possible sources of error may be that we did not cover the beaker properly when it cooled, so that the salt he attracted little water or that we do not boil away all the water, the result was not too far from the true to be the fifth

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