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Christianity three branches

Christianity emerged from Judaism. They are quite similar. Besides such we have added the New Testament in the Bible and it's different traditions and such. Christianity is divided into three parts, the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic. In the Middle Ages became the dominant religion in Europe. We in Sweden had first believed in the Norse gods, menpå 1100s, Christianity had taken over. Since the 1500s, Europeans began to spread the teachings to other parts of the world. Today, there are about 2 billion Christians in the world, especially in Europe, North and South America.

Some Ggundprinciper in Christianity

• We believe in one God (Monotheism)

• The Trinity God is both Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the same time, three different but at the same time one.

• God is omniscient and eternal.

• Jesus is the Messiah, and both God and man at the same time.

• Life does not end at death, but man will have eternal life.

• The last day when Jesus will return to judge all men.

Orthodox Church.

There are about 200 million Orthodox Christians worldwide. Orthodox churches are now mainly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But we also have a number of churches here in Sweden too. In the Catholic and Orthodox Church has seven sacraments, but the Protestant church has only two. Sacrament means "holy act". The Catholic and the Orthodox Church has the same seven sacraments. These are the baptism, anointing, Mass (Eucharist), marriage, confession, anointing of the sick and ordination. Protestant Church has only Baptism and Confirmation as a sacrament.

Baptism, which means that it becomes a part of God's genemskap. The child is immersed in a large font three times.
The anointing that takes place immediately after the baptisms. The child is immersed in a baptistery three times.
Confession, which means that the believers confess and receive forgiveness for their sins
Liturgy (fair), which is a service with communion. In the Eucharist, the participants receive the bread and wine as symbols of Kristu body and blood.
Marriage, in which a man and a woman before God promise faithfulness to each other for life. (Many Orthodox churches also see negatvivt on divorce, contraception and abortion. I think this is bad for human beings need all of them there three things.)
Ordination, where a man can serve as a priest. After prästgivningen may not priest married. Women priests are not allowed.
The Anointing of the Sick, which innenär that a priest makes the sign of cross with holy oil on the sick person's body.
Worship, or liturgy as it is known, within the Orthodox Churches is based mostly on old traditions. In some countries use it even a dead language in worship. An Orthodox church can be described as a large theater. In the church finishing a department repesenterar sky. Another repeseterar earth. In the heavenly part is the altar and in the underground part is space for assembly. Heaven and earth in the church are separated from each other by a wall filled with icons. Within the Orthodox Churches it is thought that when one celebrates worship, we celebrate also worship with all other Orthodox Christians worldwide. one also with all herlogon, angels, and all through history who have been Christians. It might sound a little strange but if we were to ask an Orthodox priest about why they did and thought that he would probably answer: "Why do we have to explain everything? Gudstänsten is a big mystery where you get to experience sensations and emotions without having to understand. "

The largest and most important religious feast among Orthodox Christians, Easter is. In Protestant churches, it is the suffering of Jesus at the center of Easter, the Catholic churches would never think of how Jesus sacrificed and sacrificing himself. In Orthodox churches are the Easter celebrations focused on the resurrection, the joy of Jesus overcame death. The church service on Easter night is the highlight of the church year. When those who participated in the church service leaving the church they greet each other with the words: - Christ is risen. - Yes, he is truly risen. Then you go home for the Easter table and eating a festive meal. On the table include red-painted Easter eggs. They are painted red to red repesenterar life and joy color. In Orthodox countries have many holidays in honor of the Virgin Mary and other saints. The government of Greece has tried to reduce the number of such days off, but they have met stiff resistance from the population.

It is often said that humans have two major tasks in the life of the Orthodox Church that one can choose from in life. Getting married is the first task. The second task is that you can also choose the celibacy and a life of prayer, work and meditation.

Protestant churches.

Those Protestant churches are divided into three churches. The different churches are the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Reformed Church, and Avengeliska church. Some things that the three churches have in common include:

The Bible, the spirit source of the Christian faith. There, says the Catholic and the Orthodox Church, the Bible and the Church's traditions must be a unit, but it says Protestants that it is enough with the Bible as the basis.
There are only two sacraments are: Baptism, which means that it becomes a part of God's Community and a member of the church, and then the fair, then the Eucharist where they receive the bread and wine.
Humans can also be saved. You can say that you will be saved, forgiven and reconciled then. You can only get it there through its trom not by doing good deeds. There is an old expression for DTTA which reads: "justification by faith."
Gudtjänsten should be in the language that people speak and not, for example in Latin as one sometimes speaks of them Catholic church. So everyone can understand what is being said.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church is today mainly in Sweden and the other Nordic highly engines but also in Germany. Today, they have about 75 million adherents. The Church is a Lutheran confessional church that deliberately want to manage the legacy of the Reformation and work in the Lutheran tradition of worship marked by rich liturgy and the Eucharist at the center. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden was founded in 1968 from St. Martin's Parish in Stockholm.

Reformed Church is a designation for the church and community formations, leading its origin back to the coffin Reformation movement led by Calvin in Switzerland in the 1520s. The church is now mainly in Switzerland and the Netherlands and has about 50 million adherents. Each congregation of the church is completely autonomous and elect their own preacher. There are no bishops in such a church. A reforment church is also virtually free of ornamentation. Calvin felt that crucifixes, pictures of saints and other embellishments in the church were superfluous. So unlike the Orthodox Church that has lots of embellishments as a Reforment Church none at all.

The Angliknskakyrkan was formed in the 1500s by the English Kugen Henry VIII when he broke all contact with the Pope in Rome and made himself head of the Church. When did England thus a state church, like Sweden (Lutheran). In the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s built the UK an empire of colonies and conquered countries worldwide. Then spread the Anglican Church to these areas. Today's church including Stortbrittanien, USA and Australia and has about 74 million followers.

The Catholic Church

When I hear the word Catholic, I think first and foremost of the Pope in Rome. As the Pope over the head of the Catholic Church, he is a very important person. The Catholic Church claims that the Pope of Rome is Peter's successor and Vicar of Christ on earth. According to the Orthodox, and Catholic Monastic Protest is when God the creator and controls everything. They katoslak also says that He is good in the world and provides security and love and that God will help you when you ask him.

If I were to ask a Catholic believer who would describe believing he or she would probably answer something like this:

'- God has revealed himself in Jesus Christ who is both God and man. Jesus was sent into the world to save us from the evil around us and within us, everything that prevents communion with God.

In his love for us, Jesus died for us. His resurrection from the dead was a sign of his victory over evil in the world.

All this is to me a mystery I can not explain. But it is not something unlikely - contrary to any fully real. The entire universe's a mystery, a mystery, but is anyway something fully real,

something that exists. "

Something that I think is very good with the Catholic Church is that anyone can join the Church. It does not matter what language you speak, what culture you come from or nationality you have, anyone can join. The church today has over 1 billion adherents and it is then much more than what the Orthodox and Protestant Church. It is thus the largest Christian church. As well as the others churches have also been the Catholic Sacraments, and they are quite similar ortedoxa Church sacrament and those catholic reads like this:

Baptism which means that you become a part of God's community and the Church
Confirmation, which means that at 10-12 years of age may receive night spring
Supper, which implicate that you receive the bread and wine
Confession, which means that one confesses his sins and then receive forgiveness for them
The marriage, which means that the man and woman before God promise each other fidelity for life. (Divorce, abortion and contraceptive agents are not allowed)
Ordination, whereby a man may serve as a priest. (Women priests are not allowed.)
The sacrament of the sick, it means that the seriously ill are supported and are lubricated with oil
The saints in the Catholic Church has a great importance. Saint's religious role models, ie people who have lived a life with a strong faith or other important people. One of the greatest saints are the Virgin Mary. So besides prayer Paternoster (Our Father) is also the farmer Ave Maria (Hail Mary) the most important prayer.

There is a large bowl of water at the entrance to a Catholic church. The water is called holy water and is a special and holy water in the church. Some people who go into the church dips his hand into the water and makes the sign of the cross and then touches his forehead with his hand in holy water. Holy water used! Also in baptism and is a symbol of baptism. The Tabernacle is a cabinet in the church as it keeps the bread and wine used in Holy Communion. There is also an altar that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and one or more confessionals where people can go and confess their sins and receive forgiveness. There are also 14 Stations of the paintings in the church. There are photographs that describes Jesus suffering.

Lovisa Lindström

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