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What is the central message of Christianity in your opinion / What is it that determines how a Christian feels that one should live? I have chosen to answer these questions, ask one and four together because I think that the message goes out in living conditions.

Christianity message can be interpreted in various ways. I see it as so that both Old Testament and New Testament together form a common message that design in a way, the whole Christianity. What I think matters most is how Christianity shows how all people are loved by God and everyone's equal value.
It is probably the most central message because it shows that all people "may" be Christian, in any case for God. No special treatment without God is for everyone, anyone can be saved. When Christianity came into the community, it was the variety of people who turned to it, especially simple people. Marginalized people such as Jews, the poor and the slaves felt that they had to belong to something, they were also important and loved by God. So in summary, we can say that love and solidarity is the central message of the Christian faith.
I have thought a bit on the notion that if everyone really is equal, mean it really all then? How do you treat issues regarding murderers, rapists and pedophiles, for example?
There is an expression that says, "God loves the sinner but not the sin" that explains it all pretty well. So the answer is yes, God does not love evil we humans can accomplish.
Besides love and solidarity are of course a number of other important messages in Christianity as I believe to be important. If one commits a sin or does something "wrong" can always be forgiven by God. Jesus speaks of God as the loving and forgiving father, and those thoughts that God is forgiving can be seen even by many of the prophets, such as Hosea. Jesus explains his message in his parables, and to follow certain rules are perhaps not really so important, but the most important thing is that you should show love for fellow man, ie, all people. (Already in Genesis 3 is that "You shall love your neighbor as yourself") One can say that Jesus replaces a rule, the ethics of intention is more important than the actual deed, also this idea is among several of the prophets.
And not to forget the precepts of Christianity: The Ten Commandments. They obviously meant a lot to Christianity, but then one can also speculate on exactly how important the Ten Commandments have, I do not think it totally 100% fundamentalists must follow them. I do not believe that a man fully at all can follow these requirements in full, no man is perfect. Love for God and your fellow human beings are more important than law-abidingness.
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)
I do not believe that Christianity, as many believe, is about following a bunch of laws, to be a Christian means "humble" himself before a higher power. If you believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for your sins, faults and failings, and additionally care about and love their fellow human beings, I think that's enough. You do as I say not to be perfect

What is the background to the Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter and All Saints' weekend?

Since Easter is almost here, I start by telling you about it, and why we actually celebrate it.
Easter is really the most important Christian feast because we celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection. During the Easter holidays came including "Communion" to, during the Easter weekend, we ponder how God in Christ reconciling the world to himself through Jesus died on the cross.
In a sense, the Christian Passover a continuation of the Jewish Passover (the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt) many elements of our Easter can not be understood if one does not know what happened in Egypt. Easter is celebrated for five days and why these five days I will tell you now: Maundy Thursday is the day when Jesus, with his disciples, institutes the Eucharist. He ate and drank together them and "transformed" bread and wine into his blood (forgiveness of sins) and body (unit, one with Jesus) This can be interpreted in different ways, depending on what kind of church you belong to, but we in Sweden interprets it in a symbolic way. Jesus washing his disciples' feet, and it is from here the name comes; the word "cut" means "to wash".
Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death. Jesus died on the cross for mankind's sake, he died for our sins, faults and deficiencies. Easter Sunday is when Jesus resurrected the third day, ie Easter Sunday. Because Jesus has risen and alive today, he can help those who come to him. This is still the most important thing that Christians are to witness to the fellows.
July is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus. What we really celebrate the Christmas season is that God became man. Jesus has become one of us, entered our generation to share our life.
The event for Christmas occurred now about 2000 years ago, in Bethlehem, which is in Jerusalem. He was born in a manger, among the animals, probably in a stall. In the Bible we read of how the angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she was pregnant, that she would bear a son, and that he would be named Jesus. When Jesus was born, he is already destined to be the one who would bring people back to paradise again, people would be reborn. A keyword is the name Immanuel, which means "God with us" (Matthew 1:23).
All Saints Day: As early as the first century, people had parties to the saints, but for the first time, it was neither easy nor safe to be a Christian. In this time the Roman empire, it was forbidden to be a Christian, therefore, was persecution and executions common. During this time they were standing firm in their faith, even though they were cruelly treated, also much admired. Several of those who were executed were honored by elevated to saint. With time it became more and more honored as saints. The days of these saints celebrated became the basis for our name day celebration. But because not all days was enough to introduced "All Saints Day".
Saints is a kind of role models for us, Jesus is the model and the saints shows how it is to live a life of love and faith.
The second day of the weekend "All Souls Day" indicates that we mean something to others, we need not be saints to be significant. Not even when we die ending our role to exist.

Sweden is a Christian country? Argue for and against!

I would not really say that Sweden is still there, Christianity's role and influence in society decreases with each passing year. Ten years ago Sweden was a far more Christian country today, and a hundred years ago it was even more Christian. But since Sweden has become a multicultural country with several religions than Christianity would be a great Christian influence be extremely discriminatory if other religions were as much space.
Things to indicate that Sweden is a Christian country is that the Christian feasts attention very much, most families baptize their children in the church and most married even church, likewise ecclesiastical funerals are probably the most common. Then another thing that also means that Sweden is a Christian is that we still pay taxes to the church, very conservative.
I think that Sweden is a country that is built on a Christian principle, though not a Christian so that the majority is Christian.
Things to indicate that Sweden is not a Christian country anymore is that more Swedes go out of the church, you will probably find more people solace and security in other things in their lives than religion. But then it's no longer as "taboo" not to be a Christian as it was before.
Then it's political and religious in the country quite apart completely, mixing not in religion in political decisions, etc.
Then, as I wrote before, Sweden has become a country of many religions. If by a secular society mean a de-Christianized society, it is Sweden it. But if one defines it as a society where people are not Christian, it is wrong. Thus, the question itself quite tricky to solve because you get different answers depending on how you mean to be a Christian.
One important thing I think is important for how to determine if Sweden is a Christian country is that we tunes religious rules govern our lives, most of us Swedes live by what we ourselves feel best and happiest.

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