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Topic: Religion
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Baptism: Baptism is to inaugurate the newborn child in the Christian faith, and when the child is baptized, it is also a member of the Swedish Church.
Some parents do not want to baptize their children when it is small, without waiting until there is greater and understand what the priest says. Some choose not to baptize their child at all.
When one is baptized priest reads one piece and gently pour some water on the child's head three times, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Some Catholic priests rub the baby's head with Krisma (a mixture of oil and balm).
When the child is baptized shall it a name and also the name. In some church communities, it is common that parents appoint a godfather and a godmother to the baby, so if parents suffer a serious accident and loss of life, so get godparents care of the child. At baptism, the child has a long white fancy dress on sig.Konfirmationen: In Swedish Church confirms to most people at 14-15 years of age.
Before being confirmed to participate in a confirmation classes where you learn a lot about God and the Christian faith.
When one has passed the confirmation lessons going on for about a year so it's time to be confirmed.
In the past it was common that the priest had a hearing, that the priest asks the confirmation candidates a question was and they must answer for the whole church, but nowadays it is common for confirmation candidates together with the priest and konfirmantionsledarna determines a reporting together, eg, dancing, singing, poetry reading, and theater.
In different cultures confirmation is proof that one has grown up. In the Roman Catholic Church is a bishop present during confirmation. He asks confirmation candidates confirm that they believe in the doctrine of the Church, but it is not needed in the Swedish Church.

Weddings: When you get married, they promise to love each other in sickness and in health, until death do one at. The most common is that you get married in a church.
The bride and groom usually have one or more bridesmaids that runs in front of or behind the bride and groom when they walk up the aisle. When the couple goes from the church, they usually ride in a car with lots of rattling tins for.
The Roman Catholic church thinks it is wrong to distinguish themselves, they think that marriage should be for life.
The Orthodox Church allows divorce, but if you would like to remarry becomes ceremony a little different.
They Protestant churches permit both divorce and omgiftelse. At an Orthodox wedding, the couple a wreath of silver or flowers around his head to show how important marriage is.
At a Greek wedding may wedding guests draw money on the wedding dress as a wish for prosperity.

Funeral: When a person dies, they grieve related, but believing Christians believe that life continues after death.
A funeral usually include prayers and hymns have been chosen by the deceased's relatives and speech a tribute where you remember all the good in the dead man's life. It also reads from the Bible.
The time around the funeral is very difficult for many. Among those standing closest to the grief be very different, some crying all the time, others remain silent. Everyone has different ways to treat grief on.
Funeral ceremony begins inside the church where the deceased lies in her coffin, then everyone who wants to go back and say a few words and put a flower on the casket.
Funeral ceremony continues by going out in the cemetery. Where it lowers down the coffin into the earth and the priest says a few words, then the funeral of. One must choose whether to be cremated (burned to ashes) or regular funeral. If one gets cremated ashes can be placed in an urn or scattered in a memorial.

Christmas: Christmas is a holiday that many Christians are celebrating. Christmas Eve we celebrate the 24/12. Man celebrates because it was on Christmas day as Jesus was born in Bethlehem. He was born of Mary and Joseph. It commemorates Jesus by eating and drinking plenty during Christmas. When Jesus was born, he was laid in a manger of straw in the bottom of a stall. There was a lot to see in the newborn. Both Mary and Joseph were very proud of their son. To the manger came the three wise men to give Jesus gifts. In almost all churches that have a crib in miniature on Christmas. Where you show moors, Jesus in his manger, Mary, Joseph, all animals gathered there, etc. In some households have a small crib at home.

Advent Advent is the preparation for the arrival of Jesus and celebrate the 3/12. Advent candlesticks as some have in their windows is to light up the December darkness.
Advent Star which many have hanging in their windows, are a symbol of the star as The Three Wise Men looked at the sky and followed to finally reach the stable where Jesus was born.

Easter Sunday: The celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead then.

Ascension: It was Ascension Day, then the 24/5, as Jesus journeyed to heaven.


The founder of Christianity can be considered to be Jesus, but Christianity originally came from Judaism. Our era is counted from his birth and he lived from year 0 - 33. Jesus went around and shared his teaching. He died on the cross with nails through the hands and feet and with a thorn crown around his head.

Christianity's holy book is the Bible, it is divided into two main parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament is the story of Jesus' life and the development of Christianity.
In Christianity, there is only one God and worships, and he called God, that Jesus is the father. It is God who created the world.

There are two shrines, churches and monasteries. The holiest place, Jerusalem is located in Israel. Jerusalem go many people to look at them places where Jesus ministered for much of his life. Even Rome is an important place for Christianity, there is the Vatican and the Pope.

There are many festivals, some of them are, Christmas, Advent, Ascension, Easter Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, All Saints Day, etc.
July is celebrated because it was on Christmas day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Good Friday is celebrated not much, but it was the day on which Jesus was crucified. There are also rituals; baptisms, weddings, funerals and confirmation.
When you have prayed a prayer as they often say, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen, to finish the prayer.

There are about 1.5 billion Christians in the world.
There are different branches; Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church.
There are also some different symbols also like INRI = Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ monogram = and = cross that Jesus died on.

In most religions have a book where it says about the many rules that you must follow. That is not Christianity. They Christians need eg do not ask 4 times a day, they are allowed to eat pork, etc. But many Christians think it is important to go to church every Sunday, but there are some Christians who never go to church at all.

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One Response to "Christianity"

  1. Torbjorn on October 29, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    I have by chance come in on your side, and discovered that there are some errors regarding your interpretation of Christianity. I do not want to criticize you, just enlighten you ...

    To huh text

    In most religions have a book where it says about the many rules that you must follow. That is not Christianity.

    ((There are rules in Genesis about how to live)) + the 10 Commandments

    They Christians need eg do not ask 4 times per day,

    ((As a true Christian should be asked morning prayer, noonday prayer and evening prayer))

    they are allowed to eat pork, etc.

    ((Under 3 Genesis chapter 11 verse 7 should not eat pork, offal, or blood.)) (Pig counts even for Christians as unclean)

    But many Christians think it is important to go to church every Sunday, but there are some Christians who never go to church at all.

    ((According to the Bible, the man sanctify Sunday))

    My friend, there is not much difference between Christianity, Judaism or Islam, regarding these three points ...

    Anna, I think this is eh well written

    Regards Torbjörn

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