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Subject: Biology , Health , Human
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Bulimia is an eating disorder that involves binge large quantities of food that you then try to do away with, usually by vomiting or using laxatives.

Bulimia is most common among women, and most are sick in the late teens or twenties. What causes eating disorders are different from person to person, and usually there are several things that come into play. It may be, for example, society's ideal of beauty, one's own self-image or difficult experiences during childhood. Bulimia often starts with dieting.

Some who have bulimia have a history of anorexia, an eating disorder that involves diet so hard that you are starving yourself. One can also have bulimia and anorexia simultaneously.

Bulimia can cause serious damage if not treated. Most people who get treatment become healthy.

How do I know that I have Bulimia?

If it is bulimia is usual to:

 equality eat large amounts of food
 gets rid of the food, usually by vomiting or using laxatives
 receive dental corrosion
 has digestive and intestinal problems
 have irregular or no menstruation
 tired
 are depressed or have other mental health problems

How is Bulimia?

Usually you have to go to psychotherapy. Where to get help to change
the way they eat. They also help if you have difficulty in life. Sometimes one
few drugs too.


Anorexia is an eating disorder that involves diet so hard that you are starving yourself. They think that it is thick and is very afraid of gaining weight.

Anorexia is most common among teenage girls. What causes eating disorders are different from person to person, and usually there are several things that come into play. It may be, for example, society's ideal of beauty, the self-image you have or severe events during childhood. Anorexia usually begins with slimming, as it is when you get bulimia.

Some who have anorexia also develop bulimia, an eating disorder that involves first binge and then try to do away with what they have eaten by vomiting or using laxatives.

Anorexia can be life threatening if not treated. Most people who get treatment become healthy.

How do I know that I have anorexia?

It is not easy to self-realize that you need help when you have anorexia. Often it is the people in the environment that reacts to that is too narrow.

If one has anorexia is usual to:

 a diet
 low body weight
 missed period
 sunken cheeks, stomach and chest
 constipation and stomach pain
 cold and dry skin
 mental health problems like depression, anxiety, obsessions and compulsions.

How is Anorexia?

First, you get to practice to eat normal meals again. One can also go for a psychotherapy where you get help with problems such as problems with their self-image, relationships, or other things that feel difficult.
If you are very influenced by starvation may need to be hospitalized.


Whose fault is it really?

Is there anyone who has suffered wrong?
Certainly it is he / she who has chosen to start dieting but it is not their fault that they got the idea that they are too thick. Whose fault is it then?
It may be parents who do not give enough confidence to their children. Instead, they are out there and are working day in and day out to earn money so that the children are well. But it's not enough to just give the money to their children, but they need love. Especially when they are young teenager. Young people want someone who they can talk to about everything. It is not often you can trust a friend and tell them everything. But a mother can really trust. But to get the relationship with her mother the mother must come first. No child will go to his mother and say something personal not until the mother has become child's best friend. Have a child great confidence so think he / she is that they are perfect. They will never have the idea that they need to lose weight.

But it is not only the parents' fault, but mostly it's Median getting kids to think about their bad sides. In cartoon child comics are girls super slim with super big tits and a huge butt. When children are small makes media that kids start to think that you have to be super skinny.

While advertising on lingerie and care products, where models do not look like they do in reality, gives a bad impression on young people. The images are edited. All marks on the body is gone, and the model is thinner than she really is. Usually you paint editors magrutor on the models. It really is a big difference in how the model looks before and after.

HOW TO FEEL A bulimic?

We interviewed a bulimic through a blog page. The person chose to remain anonymous.

Our question was "How do feel a Bulimics?" And the person answered:

I am, as I said diagnosed bulimics. I fight against every time. Every day, all the time. There is a hell. Have you ever heard the expression "A bulimic is a failed anorexic" Would probably like to join indeed unfortunately.
I had many years ago anorexia. Actually later turned to bulimia. So one could say that my anorexic thoughts about losing weight is still in. The worst thing I can do is to lose weight. It triggers as well that whole baiting ... Every time I put his fingers in his neck says I'm always the last one. In a way, it was so much better to have anorexia when I was in any case not as a failure.

The person also said that his / her dream thoughts are:

Now I give up. I no longer have the objective of becoming unhealthily skinny. I release you now. You are free. I intend to give up my dream of really so it's not my dream, but ätstörningens.
I know I have to let the evil thoughts if I can move on. I will no longer seek to lose weight. Now the new targets apply. Now is the time to find my desired weight. I give up the dream of low numbers on the scale. I give up the wave. I know it's not good for me to weigh me 20 grams per day.
I give up the dream of a narrow and happy life. For I know that it is a myth.
I dream instead of a healthy, strong and healthy body. A body that I will live with the rest of my life. I will give myself the love I need and deserve.
I will stop abusing myself.
I will stop talking bad about myself.
I will end up hurting myself.
I will treat myself with respect.
I will make peace with myself.


We have written about anorexia and bulimia. It has been a very interesting topic that made you really realize that today's society going in the wrong direction, but also the parents' upbringing is partly wrong.
When we wrote about this, we realized how dangerous it really is, it is not just something to joke about, this is serious!
We think that if only someone cares and takes hold of this so reduces the number of anorexic / bulimic.
Why can not anyone just bother ?!
These girls / guys want away from his problems. They feel really bad. COURT NEED HELP !! As a plant needs water to live, need an anorexic / bulimic attention / love to come out from their problems and live a normal life. Certainly there is psychotherapy that helps, but usually it so that those affected do not dare to go to a stranger and talk about their problems. Therefore it is important that parents try to help their children in the first place. And if it does not work, you can contact a psychotherapy.
If society continues to be as it is now or gets worse, it will eventually cause the workforce is reduced gradually.

Anorexic / bulimic  bothered less  tougher work  lower labor  recession  everything becomes suppers expensive  almost no one can afford to buy goods  factories go bankrupt  NOT GOOD FOR SWEDEN'S ECONOMY !!

Masuma Raza Hussein

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