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Subject: English , History , Society
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I am going to talk about the Russian submarine Kursk.

The name Kursk is a name of a city in Russia but overpriced a name of a Russian submarine. The submarine was called K-one hundred and forty-one Kursk. The submarine belonged to the North Sea marine and was built in nine hounded and ninety two. After the fall of the Soviet Union Russia load very much power of land and sea. Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia and wants the power back and gets control of the ocean by manufacture large submarines with top modern weapons. The submarine Kursk was manufactured to begin the return to great power. Kursk was Unmatched and the most modern submarines thathave been built since the fall of the Soviet Union. The submarine was unknown for the public and a big secret that would not be discovered. Putin's plans to take the sea and make it belong to Russia was not planed to be discovered by the civilians. The year ninth hounded and ninety four the twelfth of August at seven thirty pm it happened something unexpected. Many boats was reiterated a big explosion in Murmansk in the North. Kursk has been discovered. On board were one hundred and eighty people, a few officers and overpriced the fastest torpedo in the world. The torpedo was called "Va-one hundred eleven Shkvall" It's a torpedo That goes into three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. It has less resistance then any other torpedo.

The sinking created big excitement and even today is the experts' divides what was the explanation That makes the submarine sink. There is many theories and EXPLANATIONS way the submarine sank. Before the accident could signal a spy from NATO hear that the captain of Kursk was aloud to get the fire in the morning the twelfth of August. Then the submarine's on deepwater so They could fire a torpedo.

This is five theories That I have found That way explain Kursk sank in the early morning in August.

Theory one: The "What-one hundred eleven Sckvall" exploded inside the submarine and maked the submarine sank.
2: During the second war was many mines spread al over the oceans and Kursk could have "hit a Dadan"
3: Kursk could have collided with a NATO ship.
4: A racket from the Russian leadership "The Big Peter" could have been fired by mistake and hit Kursk.
5th The American war force shelled the submarine with missiles witch husband Kursk sank.

Putin's act after the accident was unforgettable. When the Kursk sank Putin, where on vacation and he did not think That he had a reason to leave off his vacation. Twenty three peoples survived the explosion in the submarine but They could not come put. They was stuck and resources like oxygen, food, and clean water where limited. There was nothing the survivors could do but waiting for rescuing. Puitn's achievements in the rescuing were failed to come. It DEMANDED very many resources for taking the whole boat up or by diving rescues the survivors. The submarine were lying on so deepwater That the rescuing Became very Bike or Bus. The submarine accident was soon on the news on TV even if Putin did not want the information to come out. Many countries around the world started to help Efforts to Russia and help them to rescue the survivors. But Putin did not wanted there help. Putin tried to hide the accident and started to spread wrong information about the accident and the submarine. The people in the boat wrote letters to there families and some wrote down how the accident happened. Some of the letters've become published but some of them Became classified as top secret. Why the letters did Became classified as top secret? And why did not Putin want help? Putin was a popular Russian president but this disaster could have been the defeat That destroyed his political carrier. The submarine had secret weapon and overpriced secret registration and no one knew what was going on under the sea. Putin Wanted to Become more powerful maybe by sinking all navigation. Russia could have started a war under the sea and some think they could have been able to start a third war. They have torpedo's that kills the enemies fasterthen anyone. Nobody news if that was Putin's plans but even if it was he did not succeed. Its many people who do not know what really happened Because the media was controlled by Putin. The tensions between Russia and The United States could Depend on the secret politic.

Different boats could registries a bang from the engine. After thatcould They overpriced registrate many small explosion inside the submarine. That was a sign That the racket fuel had been spread out inside the submarine. Then other torpedo's inside the submarine could be warm up and maybe explode. Two minutes and fourteen seconds a second bang came, it was stock than the first. This second explosion husband Kursk sank to the bottom of the sea on a 100 meter deep. This explosion corresponded two tone blast. It made a big whole and the submarine sank. This theory does many think is the most believable.

But the story of the Kursk does not end like that. The Kursk accident and the threat about a war in the sea do not only matter about Russia. Russia was thinking to sale torpedo's to China. Chinese businessmen were on board the Kursk to see how this Shkvall torpedo was working. They wanted maybe to by some of them if They were good. The business could have Meant That the power of the world could switch and then the United States would not ask the most powerful country as it is today, in That case Russia and China would be the most powerful countries. That would ea disaster I think. The United States new about this and off course wanted to stop it. The through about Kursk sank That could be an American spy ship-fired missiles. That could be the thing Putin wanted to hide. He did not save the crew on 100 eighteen but onboard. He did not save one of them. He classified letters as top secret. And when the Kursk was taking up to the surface They saw it in peaches. After that They did only take half of the submarine to land and the other half was blowing up. I have now told you about what was happened to the submarine but I do not know if any of it it's the through. But with this information, I hope That you find it Easier to find your opinion about it.

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