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Lab Report ester

Topic: Chemistry
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Material 2 test tubes, test tube rack, beaker (400 ml) and glass rod.
Chemicals: Formic acid, ethanol and concentrated sulfuric acid.
We started to develop all equipment and chemicals. Then we went and sat on our aprons and goggles. After that we went to our bench and went through the lab.

Today we would make an Esther who smelled halon. You could choose from apple, pineapple, raspberries, and others. fruity scents.

In my group it was me, Linus and Tobias. We walked up to the desk and poured the chemicals that were Formic acid and ethanol in two different test tubes. We went back to our laborationsplats and poured into both formic acid and ethanol in a beaker and stirred with a glass rod.
The mixture was pink, but the more we moved with the glass rod, the brighter pink became.

We smelled gently to the mixture and the smell was pungent in the nose, and Linus, and I did not smell right away gently on the mixture so it was very painful nose.

We describe the smell as clear stabbing.

Amina adding sulfuric acid and then began to simmer and have in the cup.
We felt then in the cup and the cup was really hot! But the mixture cooled rapidly.

We noted that the mixture became warm.

What does this indicate?
Well, what happens is that it is burned.

We gently touched the cup and now we had to consider that the content was corrosive! Therefore, no sudden movements here!

Then we stopped to touch the cup and waited a few minutes and after that we waited a few minutes we smelled the contents.
It smelled prickly and corrosive.
Then appeared a fruity odor.
It smelled of raspberries!

The sulfuric acid acts as a catalyst.
And that means a catalyst remains completely unchanged by the reaction.

How do you do now an ester?

Well, there is a formula for how to do an ester:

Acid + alcohol = tests
Now we were ready with the lab and began to clear away and wash up from the stock we had used in the lab.
But we had to be careful when we did the dishes from the cup because there was sulfuric acid left in the cup and it may splash on clothes and skin.

Why is it so dangerous If sulfuric acid comes to clothing made of cotton?

Cotton clothing blights of sulfuric acid

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