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Charge for floorball

Topic: Sports
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Hockey requires a lot of energy. Since we often players are close to our maximum heart rate during the game, we get most of the energy by digesting carbohydrates stored in the muscles. That is why it is important to stock up on carbohydrates in order to maintain a high level throughout the match / training. But water is important because the game is played indoors in a warm omgivning.När you practice one needs to replenish energy to replace the energy that went in and charge up for the next workout. This is necessary if you want to build new muscle. You should ideally get both breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and even snack in their daily schedule.

As I wrote before will floorball players choose carbohydrate-rich foods. It is because carbohydrates are the nutrient that the body can most easily convert to energy. But it's not just the food that is important for coping perform well but also liquid. If one forgets the body dries out as you sweat during matches and training sessions. You also can not just drink water during training sessions, but it must be done throughout the day.

Plan meals after exercise times so that it works in the best way possible. You should always combine exercise, food and rest so that you build up, not break down.

Tips and Advice

• Always eat 2-4 hours before a workout and as soon as possible after training for recovery to be effective.
• Think about the spread of the meals. You should ideally eat three big goals during the day and in between small snack to get enough energy to cope with the day's activities.
• Add up the food after the athlete's plate model because you get the athletes in the right amount of all the energy-giving nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Drink and eat bread always at the food and finish with fruit.

The day before the match

The day before a match, it is important to load up with increased servings of pasta, rice and bread. One must not forget the evening meal that may include muesli, milk, bread and fruit. The day before, is that almost every day, it is important to fill up with fluid because you will lose a lot during the game.

Match Day

Choose a high-carbohydrate meal such as pasta. With it, you can eat fish or chicken. Eat even white bread and vegetables to. This meal should be eaten 3-4 hours before the game. Between the goal, you can then eat 1-2 hours before to raise blood sugar levels. However, if the match is played at midday it will be better if you eat two breakfasts instead of a lunch. One should especially avoid fatty and high-fiber foods during the day as it may worry the stomach.

Match Day

During the game, you should just remember to drink. The drink should preferably be warm, and you should drink it in small amounts at a time.

After the match

After the match, the body is depleted of carbohydrates, and the liquid has reduced. Now we need food, drink and rest for the body to recover. For the recovery to be good, you can eat a sandwich or banana in the locker room right after and then when you come home, eat a real meal.

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