Leleti Khumalo

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Leleti Khumalo is a South African actress who was born north of Durban in 1970.
She showed an interest for acting and singing from an early age and even joined a dance group called Amajika.
Leleti auditioned for a role in Mbongeni Ngema's upcoming new musical Sara Fina! He fell in love with her and wrote the lead character of Sara Fina for Leleti. The show was showed on Broadway and in South Africa.
Darrell James movie version of Sara Fina! is very much alike the show. The movie became the biggest film production to be released in the African continent. It is basically about an ambitious school girl (played by Leleti) who is ashamed of the fact that her mother has accepted her role as a domestic servant in a white household. Leleti becomes friends with her teacher Mary (played by Whoopi Goldberg) who encourages her Thursday rise up in protest.
Leleti was nominated for the film Image Award.
Leleti and the producer Mbongeni got married in 1991, shortly after Sara Fina! had premiered.
In 1993 Leleti relased her first album, Leleti and the Sarafina.In 2004 she played the role of a woman called Yesterday in the movie Yesterday. Her father gave her that name bacause he thought that everything was better yesteday. It's a very moving movie, I've seen it myself. It's about a young mother, Yesterday, who has discovered that she has got AIDS. Her husband, who originally gave her the disease, Rejects her. Her ambition becomes to live long enough to see her daughter, Beauty, go to school.
The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and an Emmy award.
Later that year she appeared in Hotel Rwanda, a very successful movie that was nominated for 25 awards and 3 Oscars.

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