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Letter from the Future

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This is a letter from the year 2023 asking you for help! In the fifteen years That has gone by, we have evolved a lot.
We have caught al Qaeda, we have built the Freedom Towers and Those have turned out to be quite a success.
I myself was the architect on the project, we hope That the Freedom Towers will ask memorial for the People That died on 9/11 (it was my idea).
We have developed a new laser That Runs on electricity. The laser HELPS US cut out large pieces of dirt so we can yourself for oil. The laser overpriced cuts out large pieces of mountain rocks So THAT we can search for diamonds.
We have found a cure for cancer and large doses of arsenic.
But with the good comes the bad, people form 08 this is Also a letter asking for your help.
The human race is on the borderline to extermination, in otherwords we are dying out! But this is just one of the many world crises, and we need your help to stop it.
The cause of this Is that we are slowly but surely self destructing our self's and our planet.
Your time is facing nuclear attacks, global worming and fetal diseases Causing half the world's population to go in to quarantine.

Africa is still suffering from famine and the African people are dying slow and painful deaths. The American government have've become so greedy for oil That They have started wars to get there hands on more oil, and Because of Their powerful troops They have taken most of the worlds oil and we are now worried That we have run out of oil for the torque.
The water is rising and the Netherlands is going over the surface with all of its people.
Imagine how many people have died Because of our recklessness.
The animals are suffering too for example the polar bears are going during Because the ice caps are melting. Yet again a sign of our recklessness.
This is the work of global warming.
Our planet is in a bad condition and it's only going to get worse and soon the human race will be extinct.
We have brought this upon ourselves and it's time we did something about it.
And that's why I'm Reaching out to you so we can stop this while we're ahead.
Please In box you to stop this!

We have taken our world and all its comforts for Granted and its time we take responsibility for our actions and start doing something, and since it's Already Too Late for my people and our time I'm asking you to help us.
By doing the little things That you do not think matter you can be a part of saving the future and changing it for other future generation.
I wish I would have paid attention to everyone That said this was going to happen.
And since I did not I ask you to please do something before it's too late and I have a feeling that's just right around the corner.
No one can do everything but everyone can do something.
We are counting on you to do what is too late for us.
With love and hope Sophia Almawi.

Prevent this from happening !!
Sophia Alamwi

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