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Liberia and its history

Topic: Geography
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Liberia is a small country located in northwest Africa.
the country is only a quarter the size of Sweden. (111370km2.)
The country Liberia was the first African country (apart from
Ethiopia) became independent.
On the eleventh century had Liberia massive immigration from the Sahel,
a dry area south of Sahara.På 1820's became The area is also habitat for
a large group of freed American slaves.
Between 1822 and 1892 immigrant 16400 "Americo-liberiane".
It was to become the capital of Liberia was founded in 1824
and was named after the American president
A completely free state became Liberia in 1847, however, established the country's
limits do not untill between 1882 and 1910 when it took
agreements with England and France.
In 1926 became a turning point in Liberia hitoria, when the US did
its plantations of rubber tree, Hevea developed to
the world's largest.
More important dates available in the timeline.

-befolkning, education, etc.

Of the population is around 2 million inhabitants, 33% live in cities
which is mostly located along kusten.I average there 18
invårnare / km2.Befolkningen is rapidly increasing and at least 40% of them are
for 14 years.
The rapid migration from the countryside to the capital and mines
have created major social problems. Most of the population is
sudan people divided into 16 stammar.Den economic and political consideration
ethnic group is after all the descendants of the freed slaves Creoles
they do represent only 3% of the population.
Due to the harsh living conditions (hard work, poor health care, etc.) then
average life expectancy is only 54 years against Sweden about 80 years.
There is no doubt about the working branch domminerar in
Liberia.Endast 4% engaged in trade and idustri 10% work with and servic
as in most developing countries so working majority InnAbout agriculture, as much as 72%.
Schooling and education is poor, only 64% of children aged 6 to 11 years
attend school. Over 11 years so is education even worse. Although 64%
joined the school as are 80%
illiterate and can not read or write.

Economy, livnäring

It is noticeable that Liberia has the United States as a model when
regards ekonomin.Pengarna is perfectly consistent with the dollar
and the economy is liberaloch strongly inriktadpå private enterprise.
Mines and plantations are largely owned by
utlandet.Liberia have just as many other U-
countries a monoculture that is, they have only in some few
obtain export goods which they depend av.Deras
main export-be are iron ore somstår for more
than one half of inkomsterna.En effect of
monoculture can be seen in the 1960's when the economy
deteriorated significantly because the rubber price
sjönk.BNP is lying at 527 US Dollars against Sweden
Exports are in all cases, higher than
imports, suggesting that the country does not go in
Export 600 million $
Import 530 million $
Liberia imports most from Germany, USA,
France and Italien.De imports most foods
fuel, machinery and transport equipment.

Language, religion

The official language of the country is Engelska.Men Kreolernas
languages ​​are spoken slightly in handeln.Annars there are a lot of indigenous languages
used by a minority.
Christianity and Islam have made inroads in some regions
but the native plurality living with some form of natural
religion as "beacon".

policy, defense

Right now Samuel Doe regeringschef.Och after a kupp1980
banned all political partier.Liksom their predecessors want
Samuel Doe to some extent bringing a förbundsfri foreign policy
under The single-dependence between the US and
The defense:
Consists of 5400 men of whom 4900 in the Navy.
defense expenditure is around 22.7 million $ / year


Liberia has the very good natural resources in terms of
iron ore and oil, but any custom processing occurs
not apart from the enrichment of järnmalm.Råvaror taken
until sold for a very low price abroad that refines
and resells, sometimes even back to the country.
80% of the utlänska small businesses who own manufacturing
industries have less than ten employees.

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