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Subject: Biology , Plants
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It is an annual herb grown for the production of such flax and linseed oil. It is 50-130 cm high, has slender stems, small narrow leaves and pale blue to white, five number flowers. The fruit is a capsule, containing small flat, shiny, red-brown seeds. They are very rich in fats.
Linet pulled up by the roots and dried in the fields. Fröhusen scratched off. Flax is grown mainly in Russia and Poland, they own 70% of the world's flax production. Other countries producing linen are Belgium, Holland, Ireland and France. In Sweden ended the industrial production of flax cultivation for linberedning at the end of 1960.Linets breredning into fibers
Togorna be resolved from both the outer and inner layers. This occurs through digestion. Lens sledge containing fungi and bacteria along with water to interact in a fermentation and putrefaction process. It means that the pectin that holds together the various layers dissolves and one can separate the togorna with the payable on flax.
When digestion is complete dried flax fibers.

Fractional Ning

The detached flax fibers will now be released from bark and wood parts. Fractional Translation machine consists of a number knurled rolls which flax may cross. It crushed the wood to chips which largely falls away.


They argued flax point now entering a skäcktturbin with rapidly rotating blades. This turned the bark and the rest of the wood parts removed. Much short togas are also included.


Hedge Modeling implies that the flax comb. They short and weak togorna and a part of the impurities are separated out from long-flax. Of long flax can directly spun thin and fine yarn. The weak are called blonor, but contrast must be carded prior to spinning. This yarn becomes coarser.


100 kg dried packaged linsjälk gives approx. 12 kg långlin three kg yarn. This is one of the leading causes of flax high price.

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