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Subject: Swedish
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Every morning at nine o'clock we were met at our yellow mailbox. It was me and mother, and John and his mother. John was the same age as me, and he lived a few houses away. This procedure we repeat every morning was something that had become something safe and naturally in my life. Ödetorpet, which was our daily goals, lay a kilometer away. It was a 1700tals cottage that had been deserted in safe hundred years. It grew grapes along the walls and the vegetation had not been taken care of since the croft been abandoned. Nevertheless, rose gigantic apple trees of the even field. This cottage lived Lisa. Lisa was an abandoned child who lived there completely alone. No one really knew Lisa, but I had seen her a several occasions. I was afraid for Lisa. Uncertainty and mystery surrounding her made me jittery, and created a tension that was priceless.

Just this morning the sun was shining and the sky was perfectly blue. Me and John was always eager to possibly get a glimpse of Lisa. We took the first right that led to ödetorpet. Me and my partner John ran as always in advance, when we started to approach us. We rounded the last bend of the gravel road and then got sight of the familiar cottage. It was at the edge of the forest and was shining red. The meadow lay on the opposite side of the forest. Now, more was in any case a meadow, before that it had probably been a well-kept lawn. Big, giant apple tree stood in the meadow. The fruit they produced was minimal and acidic due to the trees were badly manicured. Along the wall of the cottage stood grapes all the way up to the ceiling. It was an impressive sight. As usual, took the adults out of juice and buns, while I and John began today's games. We ran around looking for Lisa, or track after her. Usually it was just one of our mothers saw Lisa, the mother said that Lisa did not like the other kids, and that was why it was so difficult for us to catch sight of her. Mother also said she was good at cleaning up, and that was why we almost never saw the trace of her. After an hour's search, we gave up and joined the adults in their fikande. However, we were silent, the only thing we could think about was Lisa.

Now when I look back on it, I would probably have a subconscious love for her, I always felt an incredible jealous when someone else managed to get a glimpse of her. Yet where I'm scared every time I saw her; thought I saw her. Today, as had apparently John's mother luck, because suddenly she cried, pointing at a window. Me and John were quickly on their feet and asked what she had seen. It was Lisa, she replied. We turned toward the cottage and took some respectful step back in fear of what she could do. After we stood there speechless for a few moments, we gave each other a quick glance and nodded. No more coffee for us today. We ran around the cottage a number of times and looked into every window at least twice. But even today we managed to catch sight of her.

I had a picture of how I thought she looked like, and it is still there. I see her as a pale, thin girl with dark hair. She has a pure white dress that is broken and large pieces of wires hanging down from des bottom. She looks frightened and unhappy. What I could not understand because she had to live alone in such a finely crofts. She was full a mystery. I wished with all my heart that I could also see her some day, and I knew John wanted the same. But alas, not today, the adults had started to unscrew the cork on their coffee thermoses, and stood now up ready to go home. With great disappointment today unattained goals so I followed and John helplessly for our parents. Although we complained that we wanted to stay for a while, so did our mothers that we would not dare to even our fear of Lisa.

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