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Lethal potency agents online

Subject: Biology , Health , Chemistry , Human
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Marianne Hedenbro
Published: January 9, 2009 23:30, Sydsvenskan Updated: January 9, 2009 23:57 At least ten male enhancement sold on the Internet has spiked with the same substances found in prescription medications. MPA who has examined the market warn that the products can be deadly.
In some cases, the tablets contain five to eight times the normal dose
for approved drugs.
- We have made a police report and is preparing several. We believe that sales are too dangerous to just warn the companies or give fines, says Kerstin Hjalmarsson at the MPA's inspection unit.
The MPA has 28 male enhancement sold on the internet looking for the active ingredients of Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalfil) and Levitra (vardenafil) and similar topics. The funds are sold as herbal preparations and does not inform about possibly stronger substances.
- We have been warned by reports from other countries about counterfeit drugs and the adverse event reports from Swedish patients have felt bad the tablets. They have, among other things, with headaches, dizziness, muscle aches and tremors. Therefore, we did a self-examination, says Kerstin Hjalmarsson.
Anti-impotence drug should not be taken by patients with serious cardiovascular diseases such as severe angina, stroke or high blood pressure.
The medicines may also collide with other medications in a manner which is not good. It is therefore important that patients want the drugs examined first. Self-medication is dangerous.
MPA's examination showed that eight of the 28 potency agents contained more than what was declared in the TOC. Only two of the ten mentioned that there were also drug in tablets.
Sildenafil were found in three products. In two of them had the tablets the same color and shape as Viagra. Tadalafil was found in six funds. Each tablet contained almost four times as much as in a normal dose of Cialis. The packaging was recommended one to two tablets daily, which could provide almost eight times the normal dose.
Tadalafil was even in a preparation that caters to women. A capsule, more than the normal maximum dose and up to two capsules per day were recommended. The following recommendation may be five times the usual dose for men.
In a tablet was a substance that is similar to vardenafil, the active ingredient of Levitra. The efficacy and potential side effects are unknown.
- Our study is not comprehensive, internet market is changing rapidly. Nor have we been looking for drugs other than just for potency disorders but these may very well be, says Kerstin Hjalmarsson.
MPA's conclusion is that male enhancement on the internet should be avoided if the sources are unknown and that the internet trade in pharmaceuticals, in principle, is dishonest. According to a survey of Internet pharmacies from 2008 is 96 percent illegal.
Six out of ten prescription medications are fake and dangerous or substandard. 90 percent of the pharmacies sell prescription drugs without requiring a prescription.
The survey was conducted by the organization European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines. MPA has conducted its own survey of websites that caters to Swedish consumers. It shows that two thirds of them are illegal.

Article Analysis Mirjana Krisanovic 9D:

MPA has conducted a study on Internet sales of drugs, which are sold as herbal preparations and can be fatal. After various reports stated dishonest sales, side effects, etc., they decided to investigate how it was in the Swedish market. The conclusion is that one should avoid buying medicines via the Internet, according to a survey in 2008 was 96 percent of internet pharmacies illegal.
MPA has, after examination, police reported some businesses and more are set to join.

Nearly a third of the 28 potency means that medicines agency investigated, was laced with substances that could be harmful, or even fatal to the user. Some preparations contained a dose that was five to eight times higher than normal doses.
Spontaneously, I find it strange that the MPA has not reacted earlier.
Why people decide to order online? Is it because the drugs are prescription only, not in Sweden, are expensive, or something else? Presumably, people who order no understanding that these drugs can be harmful, have dangerous side effects and that declaration is not reported correctly. Some might think that just because these medicines are sold as herbal preparations are the better. Actually, there is no guarantee that anything that comes from nature is good for one. I mean for example that if eat too much saffron can die, and yet it is only a spice that you eat. Homocysteine?
Medications in general can damage organs or cause side effects. If one really wants to use alternative medicine, you can actually buy it in the store. In this case, roseroot be an alternative to enhance desire, because it neither has any negative side effects or is dangerous. Moreover, it is proven that Rhodiola rosea increases blood flow, which can help one to get fancy, but it is also no guarantee, and thus there is no fraud, but then it's someone's own choice.

If you have the same view of these tablets around the world? No, I think not. I think it depends on the stresses of life in this part of the world. Stress can affect our psyche in many different ways, and even our physics.
Love is important in our short life on this earth. But I do not think that love is the real problem, but the impotence in men. Probably there are more men than women who buy this kind of aphrodisiac. In this part of the world is no longer just sex to reproduce, as in some other places in the world, but because it has become an enjoyable intimate encounter too. We can see this by example. condoms and oral contraceptives (birth control) is used, and among women also occurs abortions. This means that neither potency agents are used only for that one should have a baby, but just as a contraceptive for pleasure.

Dishonest private companies and pharmacists, there is obviously plenty of. Where did their honor and conscience go?
Daily, we are bombarded by the media in various fields, but we have to pick out the information and the immerse ourselves in what we are really interested. Above all, we must learn to judge what may be reasonable and true, to be critical of sources. But maybe it's just mass media errors that we are not as source criticism anymore. For perhaps is it that we are just confused and do not know who we can trust. I think that more rogue Internet sites should be blocked.

What is the target market for these tablets? I think the biggest audience is gullible people who really may not care about the consequences. One might ask why the media really pay attention to trading of medicines over the Internet? People who have bought such products and who also have got into trouble, or have been cheated, is perhaps the real reason the media attention us of the danger of such trading. Only the media itself has no real power to change, they need us and our reactions to a change to occur. Perhaps it is because they want to get our attention to the people in the community will try to do something about the problem. Maybe it's just that we believe that it is we who have the power to decide and that we want to stop the medicine trade, when in fact we only took advantage of playing pieces that they use to introduce a new law. Just as the system operates a monopoly on selling alcohol, so maybe the pharmacy would have a monopoly on selling medicines. I do not know if this is so, but sometimes it feels as if we no longer have the freedom to do what we want, live how we want, even if we live in a free country. Who has power over our lives anyway? Everyone wants to have a private life. I do not think it is right to sell this kind of medicine, but if we still live in a free country, I think we should accept the risk when certain people are shopping online. Because if we can accept it, how can we accept any other kind of Internet commerce? On the other hand, there are reasons why we have doctors and pharmacists who know what is best for us, if not all, most of the cases.

I think that if you are using natural resources, it is more environmentally friendly and healthier for both nature and man.
Factories that produce medicines use preservatives and emit much carbon dioxide. The factories that produce medicines such as cancer and malaria are necessary. But I do not think the production of male enhancement is as important to us.

Source: Sydsvenskan 9 janurari 2009

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