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Madame Bovary

Subject: Biographies
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I've seen a film called Madame Bovary and is based on the novel of the same name that was written by Gustave Flaubert. The novel was named Madame Bovary is perfectly understandable, since the book's main character is a married woman named Emma Bovary. The story takes place initially in a classroom, it is Charles first day and you get to keep up with how he had to fight through years of school to end as an eminent physician. After he has been working for some time he meets Emma, ​​a woman who perfectly enchants him.

Emma has lived a time of his life in a convent, where the nuns had given her training in the art of reading, as well as other things that are considered good for a woman to be. Emma is a true dreamer. She often fantasize about the great love who will come and take her to wonderful places and allow her to live a rich and happy life.

She believes that Charles is all what her heart ever desired and Charles love her from the bottom of his heart. Charles, however, is a different man than the romantic prince she always dreamed of. This leads to Emma becomes depressed. In order to make his wife happy move Charles to a smaller town with her. It makes her happy, for a short while. Although life in the market town irks her. She obtains a very good friend in the market town, Leon, who makes her day slightly brighter for a moment.

After some time in the market town gives birth to Emma a lovely little daughter, Berthe. Leon moves to Rouen to study law and Emma feels alone. After a while longer, she meets a man named Rodolphe. He becomes her lover and she becomes obsessed with him. So obsessed that she had eloped with him if he had not pulled out of the plan at the last second. Since that Emma wants to live a wasteful life so is Charles indebted. Rodolphes betrayal makes Emma becomes sick with grief. She gets bedridden for a long time and when she finally frisknar to'll take Charles with her to Rouen to go to the opera. There, they meet Leon and it will be a happy reunion.

Emma and Leon fall in love and that they will be able to meet Emma lying together a lot of stories, including that she is taking piano lessons. While the romance burgeoning between the two grows Charles liabilities. After a while, liabilities are so large that they risk losing everything they own.
Knowing this makes Emma so heartbroken that she swallows a lot of arsenic. Suicides in other words. Mourning as dead wife is more than what Charles able to live with. He dies of grief.

Now, Berthe without parents and she is cared for by a foster family. Foster mother is a poor woman and little Berthe is sent to a Spinnhus. The novel's ending is incredibly tragic for the protagonists, but for several supporting characters, including Monsieur Homais ends the novel a little happier. How happy will you know if you read the novel itself.

The protagonists are Emma and Charles. Emma is a very temperamental and beautiful woman. Charles is her foglige man. There are several bipersoner, Emma's lover Rodolphe, which is a real charmör and Leon that is intelligent and slightly shy.

Another prominent figure is the pharmacist, Monsieur Homais. He has several children baptized among others by Napoleon and Franklin. Homais is a true scientist and manage their pharmacy with great care. He does not like the Catholic Church gained so much influence, which he gladly tells the pastor.

An event that touched me was the wedding of Emma and Charles. I like best to read about happy people and during the wedding were all beaming with happiness. The wedding is described in detail, as an amazing event. Above all, the wedding cake is described as a true masterpiece.

Something else that caught me was the visit to the opera. Emma thinks that everything is wonderful and the opera, which is based on a novel by Sir Walter Scott seems amazing. Emma has read a lot of novels and also this. She thought so much about it that I became interested in reading it myself. Everything at the opera is also described in great detail to get a clear idea of ​​the actor's behavior, clothing, and the other guests at the opera.

I think the author wrote the novel to create something new. He wanted people to open their eyes to something earlier every taboo; adultery, disease, and some pretty derogatory things about the church. Was it his sentence, he managed more than enough. The novel was considered shocking, but it got several writers to venture a little more in their works.

I thought the novel was good. Environmental Depictions was slightly long, without them, the author having made his novel clearly much shorter. The novel was very touching. I suffered with Emma through her troubles and wanted to tell her to do so and so instead of acting like she did. Novel was clearly readable.

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