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May Fant: Becoming a mother to her mom

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The book is written from the author's point of view.
Here, May Fant, what feeling she got when she saw her mother wandering around the town, half-dressed middle of winter. The mother ran and grabbed several people and talked with them. She snatched them and they seemed quite terrified. May would invite his mother to lunch that day, but she had also said that she would come home to fetch her there, because she could not say what time she would be able to come. This mother had obviously forgotten, and self gone off to the restaurant.
May this tells how she was ashamed of her mother, while she felt guilt towards the mother, because she had mentioned the name of the restaurant they would eat their lunch on.
Forgetfulness is an asset sometimes, especially for the mother, she was certainly not remembered that she had been at the restaurant.

A little background history: When May's father died in 1939, moved to their grandmother (who was the widow of late former) home to them for helping her daughter with the children. May was then nine years old and his brother Alf was five years old. The grandmother brought them up with tough rules, scolding and sometimes slaps if they did not obey or fit the times.

It was a hard time for Corn mother become a widow with two small children, his father left a lot of debt and a bankruptcy. They had also no insurance, no pension or child benefit. She was not versed in the economic situation, so it was a big shock for her when her husband died.

May says that the mother had had it tough, because when the father lived as his father lived with them, so he got the mother also take care of, keep him clean and neat. It must have been difficult even for the father to have her father living in the same house.

The mother begins to work full time in a fur business, first as she sewed fur coats but she stop because of the allergy, she got work to sell the furs instead. When she got home, she often told his mother how naughty the children had been. Many times she had to mediate between them.

Both children have offered her mother to come and stay with them, but she always declined. None of you should have to have me living in the same house, she always said. Brother Alf who lived in Australia wanted her to move there, sometimes thought the mother that it would be nice to stay somewhere else, but she regretted it. It was in Sweden that she wanted to stay.

The mother had since childhood been taught that you have to do the right thing in society, not to be any accused.
So one can understand the mother's resistance when it comes to having assisted living. She felt as employers of domestic, and so she's not had time to clean and pick up first.
They just wanted to sit and talk and drink a cup of coffee.
She wanted to not have a lot of strange people running there, so finally she released not in the staff when they came to clean.

Today, when the mother has become so demented as the daughter worried that she let anyone hels callers at the door.
I think May Fant describes this great! One lives really into what she says and takes up in his book. So here it is certainly much in real life, when you get to "take care of their old" parents when they get old, demented and sick

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