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Topic: Ethics , Society
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Power is one thing that affects everyone - who has it, if you have it, if you want it, if you miss it, if you hate it, and more. Power is not always a good thing, it can make people go crazy, to kill himself, getting into fights, becoming depressed or similar. But hopefully it's something that gets a person to change something for the better.

There are many people today who have worked themselves into power by becoming very good at something; singing, dancing, talking, painting, mathematics, science, etc. They can eg be pop stars, writers, professors, ministers or artists. There are even people who are born to power; King / Queen, the children of high-ranking people. All that affects people have power. Many of these use power to something that is good according to them, there is always someone who thinks that what they are doing is wrong. And it may not be particularly easy to have power and even more difficult in this kind of country like Sweden where we get to see and hear everything what they do. This affects them and in turn us in that they do not dare to do some things that might have been for the better but also things that would have been for the worse, and it's worth it to me.

I think it takes a lot of strong mind and a good and personal reason to arrive at the result you want to achieve with his power. Deep down, we are egoists, I think, but that does not mean you have to be mean and do everything to make it worse for others, on the contrary, I think it means you want to help other people because you know that there is a greater chance of they help one back and it is scientifically proven that it secretes a hormone that makes us feel good when we do something good (there are many reasons to do something good for someone else from a selfish point of view), then I think it subconscious is an egoist without us knowing about it.

Who has the power, you decide. You know that the government has a lot of power but you decide how much you want to be influenced by it, you need eg not obey the laws (it is not so smart but you must actually do not) or go by car less just because they say so, in the worst case, you can of course move. A better example is the media, everyone knows that the media has power but how much power they have over you? They do not have any power at all, just because the clothing stores follow the fashion so do not follow it - you can sew your own clothes or shop at second hand. Obviously, it's hard not to submit to someone, but it goes, society today is made up of people who can not manage alone and by giving someone power over some who also have power over another so tied together all.

Who does not have power?

Many people would probably answer "Poor people in Africa" ​​or similar.

But if we ask the question this way instead:

Who can not even affect a small child who is placed in one's bosom? ...

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