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Power and Myth

Subject: Society
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Article - In SvD October 10, 2006 writes News Agency of expectant Trade Minister Maria Borelius purchase of childcare services are black. Maria Borelius has been in the 90's hired nannies black because she did not feel they can afford to pay child girls white. This despite the fact that Mary and her husband together earned 16.7 million kronor over
90's when black payment was going on. This she blames for her and her husband have shared finances and she considered herself not afford white babysitting. Borelius it served 12.9 million in the 90's while Mary as self drew 3.8 million during the years 1990-99.

Coupling between myth and present - in the Greek myth of King Midas as we experience King Midas greed and desire to have a tremendous wealth. Midas desired by the god Dionysus that everything he touched would turn into gold in the hope of being immensely rich. Dionysus said it was a bad choice, but said yes to Midas's wish. But to King Midas own destruction, because he could not eat for all meals he took in was gold. King Midas now realized what folly it was he asked for. He asked Dionysus to suspend his wishes and forgive him for his greed. Since the king proved regretful as recounted Dionysus king normality.

In the case of Maria Borelius so you can see that she was greedy and tried to get more money than she might have deserved. She made a bad choice when she chose not to pay taxes for child care. This mistake, she must first be understood when it was discovered in the newspapers and television. The relatively small mistake made in the end she had to resign as Trade Minister after only 8 days in the mail.

The direct link between Midas and Borelius is that both make a mistake or bad decision because of greed. This misstep will later punish them.

Human driving forces - One of the biggest motivations is to get rich. Many are willing to do almost anything, and though they do not review their decision to become one. It's easy to be misguided when you see an opportunity to get more money and maybe shop smart at the moment but the long term as it punishes them.

My thoughts - I can understand both Mary and Midas. Should I get such a chance as Midas had the same frog would probably be able to jump out of my mouth. Could I wish for what I wanted, I'm sure it would be reached about the money or the like. While I understand that I might get better with someone else's desire. Mary, I can not blame, you do not want to pay taxes on everything you do but keep the money himself. She thought perhaps she had already paid a great deal to the state and it's not just she who cheat.

Summary - Money is something that gives power and influence. Money can provide so many different opportunities that it is no wonder you can be blinded in the search for it. The greed that may arise in the quest for more money reflects our people in a very good way: successful but never satisfied.

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