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Topic: Culture
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What is manga?

Manga (pronounced mah-n-gah) means Japanese cartoons.
They are extremely well-known around the world.

The word itself means "careless / sloppy picture 'and has for centuries gone by that mean caricature of what we in the West call" comics from Japan ".
Manga became popular in the 1950s - and '60s.
One of the greatest manga creators is Clamp. CLAMP is the signature for a group of women who draw manga in Japan. The group was formed in 1989 and consisted of twelve women. Today CLAMP consists of four women. CLAMP is one of Japan's most popular and successful manga artist groups (mangaka is the Japanese word for comics creators). CLAMP currently issues three different manga series in Japan; example, xxxHolic.
The plot of the manga covers most fields you can imagine, ranging from princess-tales to the hardboiled action and bloody war, and so Are they based much on the relationships between the characters, you can eg accompany them through life as they get older, the heroes and heroines are no superheroes in the Western sense, but every character has both strengths and weaknesses. This means that readers can easily identify with both villains and heroes. they are usually serials where you follow the main characters through the adventure, everyday problems and challenges.
Some manga are more suitable for children, while others are intended for adults. In Japan, there are textbooks in the manga style! Imagine being able to learn such chemistry, history, biology using series
All Japanese people have at some point probably read a manga in his life, manga counts more as a culture in Japan and there are manga for all ages (Right 5-80 years). Over the years it has been Developed manga to film that we now call anime.

Anime is the everyday Japanese word for animation that is borrowed from the word animation. Outside Japan, the term specifically to describe cartoons from Japan. The production of animated films took off in Japan in late 1960 - and-70s. Already during this time won the popularity abroad, particularly in France and Italy.
Here are some example. anime films that have gone to the cinema here in Åseda films such as Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle. What you have seen on television anime series is Pokemon, digiomon and Yo-gi-oh catering mainly say to younger children.

Draw manga

The characteristics of manga figures are large eyes, small and sharp chin and a virtually invisible. The eyes are very important. Especially in the manga where the characters occasionally have giant eyes (usually the female) to, in combination with the rest of the face easily express emotions.

How can you do manga eyes.
How can male and female eyes look.


So here is a good base if you want to draw a manga face.

This is what it look like.

Manga in the world

Manga is different from Western comics in several ways,
What distinguishes manganese from regular comics are (most common) You read them backwards, from right to left Dom characterized mostly in black and white. The reason that a manganese read from this direction is to mimic the original from Japan, as much as possible. But also because it may be errors in the texts. Take for example, a character who has a shirt that says NIKE on, if you then turn on the picture for it to be read from the opposite direction as it is comic, it says EKIN instead. There are manga that you read from left to right with the real name is manhwa, to qualify as "real" manga so will it read right. Anything above all adults have trouble getting used to, but us younger is much easier to embrace this way of reading. But you learn as long as you live, there is of course a proverb called. manga is relatively new, but it is growing steadily and it's here to stay
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