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Mansion of the Elwode forest

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Once upon a time there was this girl, she was 11 years old.
Her parents where quite rich, she was a daughter of a well-known count and countess.
The girl named Emily did not have any siblings or friends. She was thwart In Their big garden and played by herself with her beautiful dolls. Because of That Emily was almost always alone she come up with a pretender-friend who was a boy named Liam. Emily and Liam liked to run in the garden and go down to the stream and look at Their golden fishes. Every warm and sunny day, before noon and in the afternoon Emily had some tea in the bower with the house's manservant. Emily very much liked the strawberry tea with toasted bread and cheese on it.

Inside the enormous house Emily had the biggest and most beautiful room a little girl could have, she had everything a child could dream about. She loved colors, special purple, orange and green. Emily overpriced loved glitter, she has it on her clothes, wall, toys and bed, everywhere.
She was totally spoiled, at least in everyone else eyes. Emily her self hated most of the things, she did not really want to have Them but she definatley Them anyhow. Her parent bought Emily's love, with things, Because They have not always enough of time for her.

The count and the countess thwart was out of town to visit important people, well that was What they said to Emily anyway. Actually she did not know What they did, Because even if They where home it did not seemed like it, so she just did not have the energy to care.
There was this one time Emily's parent had bought her a little cute puppy, it was a golden retriever, so cute and they did not even think about that she was allergic to fur, if they even knowed or had notice that. They had to return the puppy the day after.

One night When Emily could not sleep she DECIDED to wake one of the manservant's up to follow her out to the garden Because she did leaders to go there by herself at night. She was a little scared of the dark.
Emily and the manservant named Gus went for a walk and When They came to the thick and tall bushes someone covered Their mouths and noses with something who Received Them to sleep.

When Emily wakes up to what she thinks is the next day to see feels cold and tender in almost her whole body, it feels like she was dragged through a forest with lots of visible roots. She tries to make her eyes fully open but the light is so bright That it just hurts too much, Emily Decides to Open Them slowly and after a while she can see clear. She look all-around her and tries to figure out where she is or how she came there, she suddenly starts to remember some parts of the night before. She remember That She and one of Their manservant Gus went out for a walk, and ... wait a minute where is Gus! Frightened she looks around and scream "Gus, Gus, where are you, are you there" again and again, she gives up after 10 minutes of screaming and no answer.
She remembers overpriced That it was something or someone in the bushes and before everything just darkened someone, a man said "finally we got her, with a bonus." They must have Meant Gus, he must have been the bonus and she had to be the target, "why me?" Said see for herself "why me?".
After a couple of hours a man came with food to her but he did not say a single word, she asked him about Gus and where she was but he did not answer. She Thought That She might be in an old storage, in some cage or something, it looked more like a prison.
Emily had been there in more than a week now and it was the same thing every day at the same times and almost the same food everyday day after day.

At home the bothering parents were worried to death And they regret That They had been so busy with everything except her, Their Own daughter.
They have called the police, detectives, and looked by themeselves everywhere and no one found her or Gus.
They just found Emily's favorite golden bracelet and Gus dirty blue handkerchief.
The count and the countess overpriced have placed out pictures of Emily. She has long light blonde hair, she is quite thin and When she disappeared she weared a purple pajamas with bears on it.

About three months later they still did not found anything about the case, When suddenly the phone rings. The Countess answers and on the other side of the line a man says "I'll have your daughter, Emily" and the count named Bernard almost faint but soon gets his consciousness back and says "what? I mean what can we do to get her back? "And the Man in the telephone says" I want 500,000 pounds in the morning and I call you back "and then it just went * click * into the phone.
Bernard tells his wife Patrice what just happened and she just screamed of happiness and then she said "of course he going to give him 500 000 pounds, she's our daughter."
A few hours later the mysterious man calls back and says "meet me and my partner at the big monument in the middle of Castle Park tomorrow at noon 12:00 pm, no cops allowed.

Early the next morning Bernard and Patrice wakes up to have some breakfast and then They leave for the city, They going to get the money from the bank and buy some special food and snacks for the evening with Emily. It's only one hour Until They have the meeting with the Kidnappers so They Decides to go there a little bit breading to be sure they're in time. Well there it's only twenty minutes left and the time seems to move very slowly.
After twenty minutes They could separate two masked men and Their Own daughter of the crowd and Patrice almost starts to cry. Now the four adults stand eye-to-eye with eachother and Bernard hand over the briefcase to one of the men at the sametime That he grabs his daughters arm and pull her to him. Emily cries out loud and hugs bothering of her parent at the sametime, Bernard looks up and the two men is gone, They where gone in a flash like they where ghost's.

The family or anyone else newer saw the manservant Gus ever again, he just suddenly disappeared.

Some say That the manservant was a ghost who had served the old keeper of the mansion of the Elwode forest and for a very long time has walked around the garden at night but since That happened with the girl he disappeared.

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