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Maradona, Diego Armando

Subject: Biographies
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Maradona [-do'na], Diego Armando, b. 1960, Argentine football player (forward), one of the foremost of all time. M. became world champion in 1986 (silver in 1990). He played with, among others FC Barcelona (1982-84) and SSC Napoli (1984-91), where he became league champions in 1987 and 1990 and won the UEFA Cup in 1989, but was suspended in 15 months in 1991 due to cocaine possession. M. made a comeback in Seville FC in 1992 and has since played for the Argentine club Newell's Old Boys (1993-94) and CA Boca Juniors (1995-97). He was convicted of doping in the 1994 World Cup and was re-suspended 15 months
Diego Armando Maradona (left), world champion Argentina in 1986. Here in the victory match against South Korea, 3-1, in Mexico City


Ronaldinho [ron9ldi'nju], even Ronaldinho Gaúcho, eg. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, b. 1980, Brazilian soccer player (midfielder and striker). R is fast, technical and dribbling skills. He has played 40 international matches (15 goals) 1999-2003, and took the World Championship gold in 2002. R. has played for Grêmio FBPA (Brazil) 1998-2001 and Paris Saint-Germain FC (France) 2001-03 and plays for FC Barcelona ( Spain) since the 2003/04 season. He was appointed by FIFA (International Football Federation) to this year's football player in the world in 2004.

Zidane, Zinedine

Zidane [zida'n], Zinedine, b. 1972, French footballer of Algerian origin. Z. was his team's leading figure, when France won the 1998 World Cup and the European Championship in 2000. He was appointed by FIFA (International Football Federation) to this year's football player in the world in 1998, 2000 and 2003 and in addition to the world's top athletes in 1998. Z. is a technical and strong midfielder and an outstanding dribbler, shooter and the front players. He has played with AS Cannes (1986-92) and FC Girondins de Bordeaux (1992-96) in France, with Juventus (1996-2001) in Italy and Real Madrid (2001-) in Spain. Juventus became Z. twice Italian league champion with Real Madrid he won the Champions League in 2002 and Spanish league in 2003. With his immigrant background, he has also become an important symbol of multicultural France
Zinedine Zidane played a decisive role with his two nickmål in the World Cup final against Brazil in 1998 (3-0). Here he is seen rushing with the ball against Brazil's Aldair.

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