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Marriage is a fake

Topic: English , Society
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I have Chosen to write about why I think You should not get married Because it is a good way for me to avoid having to explain to everyone why I refuse to get married. In this essay I'm going to write about the failures of many marriages.

I'm always telling everyone That I will not get married Because it's a waste of time. But it's more to it then that.

Almost 50 percent of all marriages end up in divorce. Why Get Married When You only have a 50 percent chance to have a lasting marriage? And Who Says That the 50 percent who's not getting divorced are happy? All the young girls (and boys) are being told by the media and in children's books and movies That the "happily ever after ending" is reality. They Could not be Further from the truth. I think That Could be one of the main Reasons That couples get divorced nowadays. Everything are supposed to be all pink clouds and butterflies in the stomach all the time but the reality are not even close to that. The People That are getting married today Are Not Willing to Fight for Their marriage anymore When They Realize That it is not always a bed of roses. When The First People got married there was no such thing as a divorce (Which was really stupid) so They were forced to struggle to really have a relationship.

Many might say that i'm terribly wrong and things like "If you really love someone, you want to get married to That person and spent the rest of your life with him / her". I say to them That if you really love someone you do not need a ring on your finger or some piece of paper to confirm you love. And Then They will say something like "but it's much Easier, if you 're married, with the money and everything If you would get divorced."

There you have it. The Reason to Get Married Is that it is Easier When you get divorced.

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