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Topic: Technology
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The inclined plane. When to move up a cart or a wheelchair, it is much easier with the inclined plane. Instead of a short steep hill, it is easier with a little longer and less steep hill.
The wedge. The wedge is great for when you want to he door open so do you stop a wedge for so Holls the firm, or if you want to break a wooden stock, it is good the sharper it is, the easier it is to break it.

The screw. It is like an inclined plane that has been rolled up, the longer you have, the less power it will be if you have less, it is more effective.

The leverage. Eg. if you can not lift a large stone so you can take a lever, the longer leverage you have, the easier it is.

Wheel. Works the way as levers: the longer they are, the greater the rölensen. Utnjytar this in gears which assembles more wheels.

Pulley. The more times you repeat going back and forth, the longer the road may be pulling the lanyard.

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