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Subject: Biology , Health , Human , Food
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I have chosen to work on energy in food, because I want to know how much energy you get in the different kinds of food. What kind of food gives the best energy and how I collect energy from the food I eat. Are there other ways to gather strength and energy?

I cook some food but most fast food. What's in the food I cook? What do I get energy from it? How long or short time, I measured on the food I eat?

What I know about the subject is that if I eat fast food I get hungry again faster but if I have eaten good food such as potluck so I feel full longer. Why do we fast? Is it because they think it is cheaper or is it to save time? Why do so many TV programs that tell about what we eat and how we eat the wrong foods. We in the developed world just gets thicker and thicker by any improper food we eat. It would be better to go on to teach how different kinds of food gives us energy, and how we feel after we have eaten different kinds of food.
I want to find out how dangerous it is with fast food. We should choose the more energetic food to feel good.

The food we get in our school
- Is it so good?
- Is there enough energy in it for us to clear an entire school day?
- Much of the food we get at school is the intermediates, and that's the kind of food we should avoid.

Why grow fast food places up like mushrooms? We humans have less and less time to think about collecting energy, we just burn energy and how are we able to do everything we want.

What happens if you do not eat healthy?

Eating a good and healthy diet makes us feel good, diseases linked to poor eating habits can escape. Today there are many diseases that are linked to poor diet, such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. Many of these diseases has increased over the past 10 - 20 years because many have improper eating habits. Eating balanced diet is good, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit is food that needs to be included in the diet. Eating three meals a day plus one snack means that we have in us the nutrients and energy we need. Eating less saturated fat is good for the body.

Today there are very foods that have few good ingredients in itself, many of the pre-cooked food portions contain too much fat and sugar. Often there are many simple carbs in fast food and it allows us to quickly get hungry again after have eaten that sort of food. There is also often a large amount of saturated fat in these products.

Most of the fat we eat is hidden in cheese, cream, chocolate, crisps, cakes, pastries.

Why should you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?

In fruits and vegetables, there are substances that are good to eat, for example. Vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids and fibers. In the fruit and vegetables are high in carbohydrates and with the help of these so we can get a good varied diet. That the diet is balanced so that there is a moderate amount of fat, portein and carbohydrates. A recommendation from the Food Administration is that you should eat 250 grams of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables a day. Eating root vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, broccoli is good instead of choosing cucumbers and tomatoes which contain lots of water. Fruits and vegetables contain dietary fiber which means that we have a steady blood sugar level and thus much better energy both physically and mentally.
Are you supposed to eat fast or slow carbohydrates providing energy at?

Carbohydrates are mainly found in bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
Carbohydrates are the body's main fuel. The brain needs carbs to function and the body needs them in order to build up the cells. If you eat too little carbohydrate, so keep you less. Carbohydrates taken in different times in your body there are fast and slow. Slow carbohydrates found in beans, legumes, pasta, rice and potatoes.
Fast carbohydrates found in sweets, soft drinks, jams, cakes, buns, biscuits and white bread. Fast carbohydrates give us a quick kick but it allows us to quickly get tired again. It is because our insulin jumps up quickly, but fall just as quickly. However, if you eat complex carbohydrates lasting feeling that we're full longer and we may retain the energy anymore.

If we instead choose completed a semi from Findus, how long was the energy then?

A lot of fast food contains too much salt, wrong kinds of fats, carbohydrates errors, and may have deficiencies in essential nutrients. No vegetables, berries or roots without adding flavor enhancers and other less healthy products. One of the problems is that we get for a high energy boost when we eat fast food, but we will also go faster hungry again and then it's easy to take a quick snap, such as chocolate or candy to pass the rest of the day, it is absolutely not good. The insulin then go roller coaster and makes it difficult to work in, for example school. The body then store the fat from the chocolate in our body and it forms it into body fat in our bodies.
If you were to buy a Findus finished lunch box and notice that the food floating in fat, maybe you should refrain from it, take rather a rough sandwich and a fruit or vegetable that you can keep you full for longer. Hence the feeling that we are starting to get tired and that energy gets low will be faster if we choose fast food.

Which energy consumption has various activities?

Approximate energy consumption for different activities can be found here at a one-hour activity:

Activity KJ kcal
Still working at the computer 210 50
Cleaning 840 200
Walk (5km/tim) 1260 300
Dance 1260 300
Swimming (20 m / min) 1470 350
Gardening 1680 400
Gymnastics 2100 500
Cycling (16 km / h) 2100 500
Running (10 km / h) 4032 960
Running (16 km / h) 4790 1140
Strength training (average) 1260 300
Table: Energy consumption during different activities per hour if you weigh 60 - 70 kg.

Our lifestyle affects us negatively, for example?

• That we eat food that contains more fat
• That we eat irregularly
• That we are stressed
• The fact that we are moving too little
• Sedentary jobs
• Fast

Why do we buy fast food, when it still does not give any good energy?

Today, we can not with all of 24 hours and must prioritize. A mom or dad to leave the kids at daycare or school, then getting to his own job which today often are sedentary. At work, we want to get as much done as possible during the hours we are there. It then selects a quick lunch eg Mc Donalds or hot dog or just a cup of coffee. Upon completion date shall tired children picked up at daycare man rushes in at Ica or Mac Donalds and buy something that is quick to prepare. This also affects our children. They can not be bothered with a whole workout with just a hamburger in the stomach. After training hungry again, the mother can not manage to cook in the evening, so then ordered the home maybe a pizza. Because it is simple carbs in the pizza, the children quickly hungry again, it will then become a sandwich before it's time to sleep. This eating of the wrong kind of food is not good for kids, it will be easy to children becoming overweight.

One of the reason that people get so thick under the healthcare of the advice website, is that many of our job is sedentary, we drive back and forth to work instead of riding a bike or walk if we have opportunities. Everything sitting in front of television and the computer can also be one of the reasons.

In the past, there was more body work which made us burned fat even during working hours. It was more common with someone who were housewives and devoted much more time cooking and there were not so many fast food places to go to and eating out was too expensive for most. They had not so much hobbies that took up their time.
There is not any time I want to get back.
I see a connection with it, for example, are so many fast food restaurants, the advertising of energy-dense foods with low prices that make it easy to buy these often. For large portions of these foods are not good for our health. Poor home and school environment can affect us. For example, that parents do not have time to cook without children may instead take a sandwich in the evening that it's not enough. That we do not eat a good breakfast, makes the energy is not enough the whole morning until the bamba food served.
A plate with 8-10 pommesfritts, has the same energy value as a whole mat-rich vegetables. Which plate saturates at do you think? Well, it obviously makes your plate with vegetables, and we are naturally the most energy of the last plate.

This I have described, are some of the various causes that affect us decide to buy fast food how are we supposed to keep up with everything we are doing.

Provides obesity good or bad energy?

Obesity is a disease that can be inherited predisposition to. Bad food which we eat can also provide obesity. If you eat more food than you burn so we go immediately gain weight and then it can lead to dangerous diseases.
Obesity can be measured using something called BMI-body mass index, and where they count out a measure of the ratio between the length and weight.
Fat is essential for the body but not in large quantities. Most of the fat located underneath your skin, but it's also very surface-usually most of the stomach. Abdominal fat is the easiest to convert to energy when the body needs it. But fat is not only bad, it is also used from shock and cold.
Obesity increases the risk for many people to get diseases here are some examples:

• High blood pressure
• Diabetes Type 2
• Lipid disorders
• arteriosclerosis, also known as atherosclerosis
• Gallstones
• plaque formation by the liver
• Asthma
• Snoring Problems and sleep apnea - breathing stops during sleep
• Repetitive stress injuries in joints
• Complications during pregnancy
• Cancer of the colon, kidneys, gallbladder, liver and pancreas
• Infertility, namely the inability to have children.

Alert and awake tired or listless in school, we have the energy for a whole school day on the food we eat?

The difference may depend on what you eat, a third of our nutrition should come from the food we eat in school. If our body to take up the energy we need to eat according to the plate model which most do not, and therefore, our body produces less energy and we are less in school.
School meals've got a bad shrugged that it will be less good according to some students.
But today serve the school often salads and bread meat fish and potatoes, and it's good food. So why not eat the pupils of the food? That's probably many times that the food is cooked in the morning and then transported to the schools. When it reaches they have lost its freshness and much of the vitamins have also been destroyed. The taste is certainly good but it does not look good out and it makes you not take the food. Who wants pale and gray food, slushy green salad or cooked sausage, fish or meat. In those schools which have their own school food preparation kitchens have received good review and more students are eating in these schools. In these schools have seen an improvement in school attendance and performance. Students in these schools are thus more energy reserves in the afternoons because they have got a good bambamat. Alternate school food provides energy and we become better and happier. When you grow so you consume a lot of energy and therefore we need a good school lunch for the body to feel good. It is also important that there is peace and quiet as you sit around long and eat slowly, then the body takes up energy better.

A thought I have is, if we students can was there when the school food is prepared or when lunch is being prepared, perhaps more in the school feel that they can influence the content and then also feel that they are involved and more could safely eat and enjoy the food served because they have fixed it. If the school will remove all processed foods and instead focuses on good ingredients with good fat and that provides very good energy. Changing breaded fish to fresh fish, meat balls can be replaced with any meat or why not mince in the form of cabbage. It would be a better and healthier food. There are certainly many more examples of foods that can be replaced at a small cost.

Energy Dense foods are those that are high in sugar and fat and gives a weak saturation night feeling. The body signals that we are full and we put in the time and consumes little energy we had in us, and we will be rapidly tired again.

In Västra Götaland, the municipality has invested in something called school meals academy, was working there to teach about better food in schools. They want us to have a positive approach to school lunch. The choice of the food we eat affects how we cope with our school day.

Serving frequencies and portion sizes of main courses for AK4-6

Ingredient No. times / 4 rows Serving Size (grades 4-6)
Potatoes 8.5 175 grams
Pasta 5 70 grams, uncooked
Rice, bulgur, quinoa, couscous 3 60 ounces, uncooked
Bread, type of pita 0.5 80 grams
Meat, poultry, boneless 4,100 grams
Minced 4 80 grams
Fish, lean or fat 4 125 grams
Legumes, dried at least 1 60 grams
1 egg 90 grams (1.5 pc)
Cheese / milk 2 50 grams
Sausage max 3100 grams
Blodpudding / liver min 1 100 grams
Wheat flour (eg pizza, pierogi, pancake) 60 grams (1 dl)

Soup and sandwich or dessert 2 in the soup at least 1/3 portion of potatoes, rice or pasta
The reason why meat dishes often recommended that children need more iron.

The public health problem?

The biggest risk of morbidity and mortality in developed countries is

• Tobacco
• High blood pressure
• Alcohol
• Serum cholesterol (high blood fat levels)
• Overweight
• Low consumption of fruits and vegetables
• Too little physical activity and
• Drugs
• sex practices
• Iron deficiency

What does WHO (World Health Organization)?

They work to promote that people know that the energy in our food affects us in different ways and increased physical activity is good. They see that the link for better knowledge about our eating habits, and how much we need to move in order to feel good. To make sure that we understand ourselves at the commercials that are on some kind of fast food, that it would provide good energy which is not true, but rather a fat bomb that gives us a bit of the good energy that we need to have more energy.

How do we teach people to eat foods with the right energy content?

To inform people, to train the people who work in schools, including municipal employees, and perhaps also our politicians about how food with poor energy content affects us in a school or work day. Politicians would perhaps give more money to schools so that we get better food with a high energy value. There are health movements
eg Health promotion they are available at various locations in Sweden, in health care, or nutritionists who have vast knowledge of the energy in food, there are some that you can use and get information from. To ask these people to come out and provide information on various activities schools could do.
That we may have left home economics at school and that which teaches about good food with good energy. Give a home economics major at school, for what we eat lower too if we are to manage our school day and why should not schools teach this.

Maybe it's so we have to do to get a change, teaching people about how good food with good energy makes us feel better.

Positive energy, we get the things we think are funny it is that energy that we are running on. The energy that the body creates is quick to the brain and to our muscles. How to teach good eating habits must be an important part of this work.

Personal source

Interview with Cia Ek (Home Economics Teacher at Styrsöbolaget school)

What do you recommend for the food to people who want to eat healthy?

- To eat after food groups are good, and to always keep in mind to choose one thing from each wedge, then we get ourselves in the right food to get good energy.

Teach you always put nutritious food to the students?

- No, it is different, for example if we are to make desserts or pancakes can not be counted as healthy food, but in my lessons I try to teach good, wholesome food with high energy content.

What would you do for food in bamba if you worked there?

- I had not done anything intermediates but instead I had cooked stews and soups that are better for students to eat.

What do you think about the food in bamba?

- It's okay, but I wish it would be better food and not so much processed foods.

Do you eat healthy food at home?

- Yes, I do it on weekdays, on weekends, I can take something tastier. (Good food need not always be bad food "self-reflection")

Summary of work

Being able to see the relationship between different energies in food, can learn to eat right and save energy we get from food.

I've written about how dangerous it is to eat the wrong kinds of food that it provides little energy. You become thick and can not be bothered with anything if you just live on fast food. Do you eat a hamburger, it's too much energy in it and you will be refreshed for the moment, but then you become tired quickly again and have less energy, and then take a candy increases only on the fast carbs and the same fatigue comes quickly again. It's one of the reasons why one should choose good raw materials for the food we cook.

After reading a lot about food, and energy in food, I understand that we have to learn this small way we eat. Today there is so much junk food that we eat and who we think is good. To start already when children are small to teach what is a good snack, then preschool take over and give children good food and healthy snacks. Perhaps to add more gymnastics at school to have some activity every day. Maintaining domestic science and there teach what is good nutrition is necessary, I myself have become interested and think more often than what I eat in a day. Home economics in schools has contributed to my interest in healthy diets.

Why do we see no advertising for good food but usually it's food that quickly goes to cook and are high fat and poor. Would be fun to see how they advertised that we would buy more carrots or more cabbage wondering if there is anyone who wants to invest in this type of advertising? We should protest by not buying fast food without requiring that these fast food restaurants take responsibility for anyone who eats their food and become overweight and sick. Unfortunately I have not any good suggestions on how to go about it.

It was difficult to know how much to write it is a large area and it is possible to write much about both diseases and exercise, I have a feeling that maybe I chose a too broad topic and that I may not have stuck to what I first thought of writing about. I'm still happy with the end result. I will continue to think about what I eat and then I will also be learning more about the subject I have chosen.

Common questions

What is the type of energy you've worked with?

I've been working with the energy in food. What are the different kinds of energy of different types of food. A choice that you yourself have to make about what kind of food you want to eat. Fast or if you want to spend a little time fixing a better food, you must then have more time, and time, we have scarce nowadays. Prioritizing is important.

What gives you energy?

I get energy when I eat food and even when I exercise. I eat fast food, I get the energy of the moment and that's not good. But if I eat potluck, I get full longer and the energy to exercise more. When I am happy or when I'm out in the sun so it also provides energy when we call it positive energy it has nothing to do with what I put in your mouth. Candy, ice cream, pastries and cakes gives quick energy boost, it can also make one happy, but was happening after we received such a quick kick the body protesting and demanding more swift kicks and that's not good.
Product Description

I have chosen to cook goulash soup that product, because I think it is a healthy food that everyone should eat. I think it's fun to cook and to make various dishes, test new things is always fun.

To make this product requires first a shopping trip in a well-stocked grocery store. I go to Coop Forum in Sisjön. My shopping list is for 6 servings:

• Potatoes
• Onions
• Carrots
• Paprika
• Garlic
• Butter
• Swedish boneless beef
• Tomato paste
• Broth
• Milk
• Salt
• pepper
• oregano
• Paprika
• Parsley

When I got to the fruit and vegetable counter I wondered for a moment if I should choose the cheap vegetables from overseas or the more expensive ones were locally grown and demands noticed. My choice was the expensive because they were fresher. At the meat counter I selected Swedish meat. At the checkout the cashier talking about the price of my goods purchased will be 109.50. Some of the ingredients I have at home so I have not had to buy everything. What I want to show my product is that it can cook good food at cheaper money and with good energy content in.

My product is called Goulash soup, so here cooked this dish.
Portions 6
Baking time approx one hour

I start by peeling potatoes, carrots and onions, slice the potatoes chops onions and cut the peppers into strips.
The meat I cut into smaller cubes.
I sizzles onion in butter and then I put in the garlic and the meat until browned all over and then after fry for approx 15 min.
I stir in the tomato puree add the last of the potatoes and peppers then I put stock cube and milk.
Last time I taste it with salt, pepper, oregano and paprika.
The potatoes and carrots should not cook too long since lost all the nutrients.

To sense how I have made my product, I photographed when I prepare the food. I made a poster and where pasted up throughout the cooking process. The photography and the presentation of the food allows one to see my product even though I have not left the finished food.

I have included the product cooked to school for tasting and sight. It's fun to cook and I thought this was a fun set to show my work on energy in food to.

Each serving costs 18:30 / per serving approximately SEK (including the goods I have at home). This compares to a half special, which costs 56 kronor at Lasse at Heden. Can be concluded that it is better to spend one hour of cooking than to stop and buy fast food that does not provide energy for long.

I want to interest others for my product, and I want to show more to food that is nutritious might not look so good out can taste very good anyway. I hope that more people will become interested in cooking and never mind to buy fast food. Our health would be much better and we would have more energy to have more energy during the day.

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