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Topic: Biology , Human
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• I believe that all test tubes containing glucose. The saliva is an enzyme that decomposes starch and starch when decomposed formed glucose (dextrose). Test tube 1 think I will become acidic as hydrochloric acid (HCl) is an acidic solution. Test tube 2, however, I believe will become alkaline in that Iodine-jodkalium (KII) is a basic solution. In test tube 3 i think the solution will be neutral.

• Materials
- Three test tubes
- A small beaker
- A large beaker
- Two Glucose Strips
- Hydrochloric acid
- Iodine-jodkalium
- Starch
- Saliva
- Water
1. Rinse mouth with water. Spit out.
2. Take a sip of water and run around in your mouth for about 1 minute. Spitting out this in a beaker.
3. Distribute the saliva in the three test tubes (approximately 1 cm each)
4. Mix in other fluids of the image. Shake the tubes.
5. Place the tubes in a water bath for about 37 C. Let stand for about 10 minutes.
6. Examine the glucose in the test tube 1 and 3. Make use of glucose strips.
7. What happens in test tubes 2?


• Test tube 1 contained glucose. The color did not change. We added HCl and pH dropped due. it. Acidic solutions pH <7
Test tube 2 contained glucose likely, this is due to the enzyme in the saliva decomposes starch to glucose.
The color changed here, it had a bluish color. It turned blue because the solution is alkaline.
Test tube 3, there was no color change for you to put not a base. It is neutral.
It contained glucose.


• Saliva + Starch = Dextrose (glucose) C6H1206

My hypothesis agreed well with the results. The experiment shows the digestive function in the human body.
In test tube one can see what is happening in your mouth. In the mouth it is Amylase secreted and decompose, even carbohydrates are broken down into maltose. In the test tube decomposing enzyme starch to glucose.
In the stomach's hydrochloric acid and pepsin. These two work together in the stomach. The solution in the test tubes 1 and 2 operates in the same manner as hydrochloric acid and pepsin. The solution in the test tube 1 is acidic and it is the hydrochloric acid with. In test tube 2 is the solution basic and pepsin are also alkaline.
Test Tube 3 shows how it would function in digestion.

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