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Maya Islands

Topic: Culture
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Maya are interested in a lot of planets and stars. Then they built special observatories for studying celestial bodies. With its observatories, they made a calendar of the stars and planets.
The Mayan calendar should be 3113 BC as a base. Maya were also developed a numerical system in which it is assumed that humans had 10 fingers and 10 toes, which resulted in a system that built the century 20th Perhaps it was due. its numerical system counted 20 days each degree This is the consisted of 18 months and had 5 days which then meant that there were 365 days in a year.


Native Peoples of the Americas, which was originally hunters and gathering, had around 2000 BC gradual way to develop into sedentary farmers there has been largely of maize dispatched. Corn was originally a small wild grass with small pistons, which the Indians learned to grow and change. The cultures were common property and it was at odlingsområderna as the first permanent settlements then up stood.
Maize Cultivation was essentially consistent industry alongside economic development had to craft great importance. The villages were ruled probably the oldest men. Shamader had great influence.

They were considered to be able to get in touch with the supernatural and were central figures in the religious life.
By several villages were created major economic entities. Thereby enhancing leaders' power economy must be organized. The leaders lived by what the villages produced. Of the farmers needed more days to erect large structures, such as temple pyramids.
Religion and political power was intimate förknippande. The rulers used religion as an important instrument in the exercise of power over the peasants and artisans.

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