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Mein Kampf

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Mein Kampf - a deal is written by Adolf Hitler, translated by Anders
Quiding and published by Hagglunds förlag.Adolf Hitler associated with Nazism, quite naturally, when he is its father.
But what is Nazism, more than persecution of Jews and strange greeting ceremonies?
Mein Kampf, which is also called the Nazi Bible, describes exactly what Nazism stands
and for the Adolphus autobiography. In the first part, which I treat here,
Adolf writes about his childhood, growing up, the First World War and how he comes in
contact with politics.
It all starts with Adolf card describes her birthplace, Branuau am
Inn, located in Austria, not far from the German border. The fifth row
Cantu then that Austria should fall to Germany and he
really is a German breed which is the same. This influence since the book's first
chapter until he starts writing "we Germans" with heart's content. So there is no
doubt that he was a very complex man filled from the first moment.
His father was a government employee, which was considered very good at the time, and
worked for the railroad. This led to the young Adolf moved around
much as the father got new jobs. He enjoyed being with his right
childhood and do not complain much on this, at least not at a young age. As
Eventually he starts school, and when he reaches a little over ten years old that determines
he decided to become an artist, something that his father could not possibly accept.
He began to neglect the school subjects which he felt were not necessary for a
artist and his performance declined. Or as Adolf chosen to express
it: "In addition to A and A were now B and Bc." Eventually the father dies, and
A few years later dies too modern and Adolf now moving to Vienna where he will muddle
down the various odd jobs and trying to get into the Academy of Art, which
fail several times. He is also interested in architecture and
studying under him architecture and art intensively. In Vienna, he learns
much about life, something that he likes to write about the beautiful words and glamorous
superlatives. Then he starts to air their opinions on the Habsburg State
(Which had been in power in Austria-Hungary at the time) and tells of all
political errors committed in Europe.
The year is now 1914 and the First World War breaks out. Adolf refuses to fight
for Austria and join in a Bavarian regiment. He fought on the Western Front
and tells the heroic about their fantastic efforts. Twice damaged
he, the last of which is a gas damage that makes him blind. After a while regaining
he sight and when the war is over. True patriot that he was, he writes now about
errors committed politically, both before and after the war.
Now he comes in at a very interesting section on propaganda. Here writes
he how the broad masses near zero intelligence should be fed
short, easy to understand, effective and constantly like propaganda, and emphasizes how
importance of propaganda in the war, which Germany failed during
WWI. In some chapters later, he tells how he begins his
political path by small joining a small club of seven men, a
association which would later become significantly larger during Adolf management. And then
he comes in on the Jews.
The chapter race and people (and in most other places in the book) tells
he about his attitude to the Jews. At first he writes it as a
little tale about a ruling and a parasitic people, but after a dozen
pages, he goes off completely and tells hateful about Jews 1) Will
to a people 2) Sets himself with people 3) Make people depend on themselves
4) The ruins of the original people. Everything negative in society that he writes
if he constantly blames the Jews. Still evident that he basically
nevertheless admired the Jews for their cohesion and entrepreneurship, an admiration
that led to jealousy and hatred.
After this, he tells us about the causes of the German collapse, a
chapter which I thought was pretty tough and protracted, and then he talks about
how the small compound is developed, changing its name to the National Socialist German
The Labour Party and its membership expands exponentially.
Mein Kampf - a deal is extremely interesting. It would be wrong to say that
it is good, but it is clearly readable. In many places, it is purely
laughable to read what Adolf goes on and hates and is optional. entirety is the
immensely convoluted, and the text is difficult because of a packed content.
Personally, I think it's fun to read something that is written by one of
history's most famous people of the world through the ages
worst psychopath. The book he dictated to his future propaganda minister in
prison in 1923, he says, among other things, how to be a successful
politicians, something he really succeeded ten years later. Although most are
racket and I do not like Nazism, it is very memorable. Eg how wrong
politicians act and what was wrong in the twenty century society, faults
left in today's society.

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