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Mental Training

Subject: Biology , Human , Psychology
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What is Mental Training? In my mental training when practicing up his mind to be able to cope with either physical or psychological pressure. There may in my opinion be anything from taking negative criticism et well seen, to push himself to the limit in the context of strength, such as forcing herself to do at that last pushup, when you feel you can not handle more. I also believe that there are different categories of mental training, in the form of conscious and unconscious one.

The following I found on the Internet and has to show a different understanding of mental training: "Mental training is an instrument for change and the impact on his own." - Stefan Klee, Licensed Mental Trainer.

So who uses mental training? In simple terms the answer that it's really just to say that everyone does! Anyone thinking and practicing the so looked up his psyche. However, if you must make a selection based on my own interpretation of mental training becomes ranks slightly less. The first large group, you obviously need to address is the athletes. A boxer must be able to think away all the pain. A high jumper must be able to see in his head that he can take the height of a Tour de France - Cyclists need to think about what he could win in order to maintain itself. Mental training will always have the goal to do. Without goals you can reach any major feats and without mental training can reach enough not even the fourth grade.

Others who must use mental training to a large extent is simply the great and ordinary working class. Not just to be able to emerge from a severe burn-out, but also to manage to even get to work on that horrible Monday morning. According to me, the difference is on the athletes and the working class that the former is aware of his mental training as opposed to the latter.

How does it work? According to me you can reach the mental training by focusing. Focuses itself enough so you get more confident and can more easily see his goal in front of him. It is quite similar with that lie. Lying man to man jumped ten feet in the air enough times people will believe in it myself in the end.

According to Stefan Klee then a mental training program eg able to follow a structure that involves relaxation, self-confidence, målbilds and creativity training . ¹

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