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My dream society

Topic: Society
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If I had to describe a dream society for me, everything would revolve around the word "rights". By that I mean that everyone should have the right to do what they want and when they want. But while there are certain limits, reasonable limits, I would call them. An example of this is that you can not kill another human being just because you feel you want or have the right to it. But there must also be some rules. My views in this fall into liberalism because that believes that everyone should have the right to liberty but also the conservatism of the opinion that there must also be available to certain rules, you can not just drop everything and let everyone do what they want. If you start to what I consider to be the most important in a society, the social, how to behave and be against each other. So is the saying "One should treat others as they want to be treated yourself" much of how I think society should be structured.
I would first like to introduce a law that everyone should have the right to good parents. Because I think that's where everything starts, how to become educated. The parents are in some way even role models and those that you look up to, and if you do not have the right role models so you can find yourself on the wrong track in life. That you end up with the wrong crowd can of course depend on many things but one reason I think that's the adults' fault. To begin with, for example, where they settle and what is team spirit which is held in the community. If you look at Matfors eg because I come from there and know how young people behave there and what it sets to with virtually every weekend, I would never allow my children to grow up there.

The background to become like this if you look from our own experience, it is because the adults themselves do not have a good education and that perhaps went wrong for them also during adolescence, therefore it has no well-paid job. They will then stay in it a little cheaper part of town where all the drugs and fights there. They may also be separated children live the then usually the mother, and if she then has three children ages 12-19 so maybe it's not the easiest thing to make sure they do their homework and keep up with school. Maybe they are out late at night instead and spend time with people who are already in drug swamp.
How should we solve this then? Well, to begin with, all take responsibility and ensure that they receive a proper education that they can cope with, or ensure that they enter the world of work so they can earn their own money instead of living as a Some do, of contribution, eg housing allowance. It is sad to have to say it with the community is controlled in fact by money.

Then we come to this with grants and various other support by getting money that you can not handle yourself. Reasons it is that you might have become ill or have other obstacles so that one can not work and get money in order to survive. This I have rather mixed opinions but I will try to explain me to understand how I think in this situation. Living on benefits, I think is wrong, for most people who do it have not taken their responsibility as I mentioned earlier, and mostly given up on this to work. A guy I know (John) have at one time worked but stopped doing it since he went into a "depression." He then received thus contribution for it, and then one can only wonder how he received this grant? He has received a diagnosis of a psychiatrist where he is classed as sick leave. But you notice no hels duvets on this, plus I know that several of his friends have done the same. Then one can start thinking if they just unloaded and find on to get this grant. Then we come into this with how much it actually is on, money-wise. He can afford their own apartment, food, designer clothes, and now he'll go abroad. How should we solve this then? How should we do to people should not get away so easy to get a refund? The current government is liberals mean that you should have left the unemployment insurance and that it should be available to those who become unemployed and I think that's absolutely right! They shall be entitled to the money, ie approximately 80% of their former salary so that they can make it, but on condition that they should within a year to be back in work and gained a new job. For John's part that is not true this out, he has for the first resigned from their old jobs have or no training because he dropped out of high school. He has tried to found a job through the labor office (what he says, anyway) but did not manage to have reached the job because he has no education, and I do not believe that employers he sees as a suitable employee because out what he previously made, or rather, what he did not do. But since I want a society where all the supplies themselves, which I brought up earlier so it will be a free society, so one can not force anybody anything. But then I have a solution! By lowering the contributions that "forces" to the unemployed to seek work, and if you sattsar more money at the job center so that they can offer free courses and training so that more people with the skills needed to start work. One more plus of working is that which contributes to the community and to feel involved, instead of sitting at home and just let the days run away, you are in a job and do the right thing, and then maybe you stay away from drugs and fights that I raised earlier.

In order to ensure or rather sift the ones who really are ill eg those who entered the proverbial "wall" and the judgment that I believe fake sick so one would have to increase the staffing of doctors. For they are the judgment of the diagnosis for anyone who gets sick. The shortage of doctors, I think may be one reason why it has been so much contribution evasion. To attract more people to become doctors by might offer better pay or better working conditions increases safe staffing there. But then I have been thinking a bit, and encountered a problem. If we see that more people are becoming educated to the doctor as it may happen that the Doctor "stamp" is not taken as seriously as before. But instead of increasing the staffing levels at all locations in the country, one could place them where you realize that the need is greatest.

Now when you sat and wrote about it here and really had thought to how you look at it here with how to get a community to act as I have discovered that it is really not easy! I'm glad that I'm just a citizen who is with and prepares the elections and not by politicians. To be honest, I'm not, I'm not interested in politics, although it has some things to say. When you sit and go through the different ideologies, it is difficult to find someone to agree fully, but it's sort of picking some stuff from a few to get the ones you think sounds the best. For me it is enough to be in the student council, I feel, and make sure it will be good here at the school. It has been very difficult, but we have learned a lot!

Lina Svelander

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