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My life as a tall

I may be between about 400-600 years old if I get rid untouched. But they fell to me when I'm between 80 and 120 years old. Of me wants them to have a good quality, I should be straight and smooth without twigs those first 10-15 meters when I'm 100 years. But then they look after me and make sure I grow in the right chips. I thrive on poor soils than on fertile lands I become unwell and bumpy. One can rejuvenate me by leaving frötallar when making a final felling then reseed frötallen off on the new clearings. Or by planting then they plant the seeds at a nursery, so I'm inflated like a plant there. It should be scarified both we planting and frötall for which I enjoy better. Frötallarna can be removed after five to ten years. After about 15 years, it ungskogs grub so I is not too crowded. About 2500 plants should I stand per hectare (a hectare is 10,000 square meters). After 35 years, you can go in and thin out when to remove them crooked and bad trees to save about 1,500 trees per hectare after thinning. At the age of 50 to make a second selection then it should be 1200 trees per hectare. At 65-75 years of age to make a third thinning when it should read 700-900 trees left per acre. Then the finest individuals remain, if one has done right then I remain to me will be about 100 years. Those individuals who are very straight and fine, you can get very highly paid for. For me, you can do find wood furniture, pine floors, pine ceilings, pine paneling, mirrored doors, it may even sawing planks of me. They also do log of me there are log of me that are several hundred years old. Wood sort of distribution in Sweden consists I to 39% pine. When you fell me now so it is a harvester that saw me down and twigs me and saw me in just the right length and a forwarder running forward me to drive, so there will be a truck and carrying me down to a saw. It takes some people to fell me now a hundred years ago, they used an ax and hand saw to fell me and the horse to run me through to a stream of them could fleet me down to a saw. Then it went to a lot of people. How they will do in a hundred years in the future is anyone's guess.
The need for forest products will surely be the same in a hundred years as it is now. For the need has always been great of wood a hundred years ago was the need of fine talk big. Because then they built the big log of me of late adult pine. Of the inferior pines then used to make charcoal stacks of them and caramel now they pulpwood them worse pines. Most often, a hundred years ago, they could build sawmills far out in the woods where there was running water for them ran sawmills of hydropower. Then started ångsågverken came when carrying the logs down to the coast to cut them. Where the modern sawmills also lies today though there are not as many today as the fans then for the modern sawmills can cut as much now than then. There were a lot more people who worked in the woods a hundred years ago than now. Because then sawed them down train by hand and now the big machines. That one guy did on a full day doing a machine in minutes. So the need of fine pines will probably always continue was stort.Johan Persson

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