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Moa Martinson

Subject: Biographies
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Moa name was Helga Maria Swartz. She was born in a soldier in Östergötland in 1890. Moa was a bastard and that was bad in the 1800s. The mother was fabriksarbeterska in Norrköping. She got married when Moa was nine years old. Stepfather was restless, and when he drank alcohol he used to beat both Moa and her mother. They moved frequently that the father had to change jobs. Moa was therefore not so much in school, but she was läsbegåvad and did well.
When Moa got older she got the chance, work in the hotel industry. Moa got married and had the surname Johansson. She had five children at twenty-five years of age. But the man was much like her stepfather and drank up the food money. Two of Moa's children drowned and the man committed suicide.
Moa was very engaged politically and stood on the poor and the weak side and she became the municipal council in their municipality. In 1929 she married a poet Harry Martinson. It was about now that Moa's author epoch began. Her pen name was Moa and she became a novelist. Some have Moa's books regarded as not particularly good. She wrote in their own way, with humor and quite acrimonious. The publishers were often forced to remove or alter the sentences.
But now regarded Moa's books with respect and it has made a film about her life.
Moa's debut book was Women and Apple Trees (1933). But it was not the one that became the most popular, but it was instead her autobiographical works which she calls herself Mia. The first of the three books was Mother married (1936), the other was a church wedding (1938) and the third was King's roses.

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