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Exercise more

Subject: Biology , Health , Society
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The world's population has become so spoiled and comfortable to exercise fully and hållethar forgotten. Spoiled race has totally destroyed human health. Since the car

invented has health has fallen every year that has passed. In society today, it takes almost

all the car, for example: work, business, buddy, instead of walking or cycling. Many have

sedentary work and leisure time is spent largely in front of the TV or computer. Today

is more than half of all adult Swedes not sufficiently physically active, and many

never exercise. People generally can not go on caring about their fitness and health.

I think this is a problem for the whole world.

Exercise is very important to a man, everyone needs exercise.

In order to be able to accept yourself, how one's body and face looks like it requires a

lot of confidence. Everyone has one / some complexes, it is not uncommon

but some have less than others, it is different from person to person. If you want to get rid of

with your complex exercise is the best way for you. I know, it sounds funny, but it is

actually true. A person who trains become more confident and like yourself more,

than a person who does not exercise. A person who is not working out looking a lot at second

and wish they were like them, they usually take on the big airy clothing to avoid

others to see how your body looks. Nobody wants to be fat and not want others to think

that is thick.

But instead of dreaming about the bodies of others and instead of hiding you, start

exercise and get that body, kondisen you dream of. While

your fitness improve, your body become stronger and your confidence gets better,

all your stupid and silly thoughts about yourself and others that refreshed to. You will see
the world in a whole new way, a better way, which will make you more confident in yourself

and dare to take their own paths in life.

The motion will give you energy, energy that you would otherwise never had had if you do not

exercised. You will manage your life much easier if you have energy in your

body. Imagine a person who work / go to school, come home, eat fast food, watching

television, småäter, sits down at the computer, sleeping, take your car to work / school and all this over and over

again, day in and day out. Such a person may no energy in his body and is therefore

very lazy, distracted at work / school, becoming easily irritated by the slightest and think

always that everything is a hassle.
Imagine instead a person who work / go to school, come home, work out, healthy food laws,

spending time with family and friends. Such a person may be a lot of energy in his body and the person

can more easily concentrate, easier konvencera with people and can accept criticism without becoming

excited. You can say that all in your head cleared up by exercise, you see life in a

positive way and therefore become everyday convenience.

If you have a lot at work / in school that you have to catch or if you have young children

that you must take care of, you can easily get stressed, and forgetting thereby remove its

health. But if you get out and exercise for a while about the day, so you will be able

relax easier and you will be able to manage your stressful everyday life in a better way.

Now you're probably thinking that you still do not have the time, but everything in this world is about

priorities, one can not say that you do not have time for everything you want to do and aim for

you have time. So if you hear someone say that he / she does not have time so that meant the person to

he / she does not want. It's that simple!

Do not want to exercise alone, so take with a friend. It's a great way to socialize

if you do not have as much time as they liked to be had. In addition, the

training easier for you, you have someone next to you who you can talk to, you will not

remember that you are exercising.

Many think that they should exercise, yet it never gets off. Once you should grab

it and get going you start to feel for the body, how they really feel. It is then

they usually come at all excuses that we do not really have the energy to exercise.

"It's so cold outside and it's so hard to put on so many clothes, and I can

do not go to the gym, it's so far away and I have no clothes that I can take

on me. I want to not show others that I am untrained. When I think I am

pretty hungry and tired too plus there are 2 programs on TV tonight that I can not

miss, so I do not care practice today. But tomorrow, tomorrow I'll work out. "

It is about such thoughts spinning around in people's heads, or there is no

thoughts about exercise at all.

But if you think in this way all the time, when do you think you are going to come out and


Instead of you exercise you put in front of the TV or computer. On

evening when you go to bed you think, "ugh what dull day." But do not you

Tired?, one should not sleep then? Or maybe you just lied to yourself, do you really want to go

around in your life and lie to yourself?

You have been sitting still for once / a few hours and did nothing. This means that you

still tired, and you will still not be sufficiently rested to

hurricane exercise the day after and you also will not cope up with the school /

job. If you continue in this way you will never be able to do anything.

Some think that they are already so well trained, so why would you need to train. But it is

completely wrong, everyone needs exercise, more or less.

For you to come out and get rid of all these excuses, you have to motivate yourself,

"Why should I exercise really." You must decide that you are going to do it, you

can not just go around thinking that you're doing it, you really need to decide for yourself.
The most difficult thing is to start, to take on all the clothes and go out, for example. But if you do not

thinking and instead just do it, do not think about how hard everything will be. Think

rather than how good it is for you.

Are you out of shape and start exercising you may feel pain when you exercise, you can

Feeling that you can not be bothered and does not do any good. But the utility, it can

I promise you it does. For health to be better, you do not train hard, but it

enough 30 minute walk five to six times a week. Those who are physically inactive

have most to gain to begin exercising as health improves most of you are

So although it does not go as fast as you run / walk / bike or whatever you do so

you will notice that you become more alert and you will be able to take in more the next time you

exercising. While you are outside / inside and exercising, you will notice that your

head will be disconnected from the outside world, you form as a separate bubble around

needs. In the bubble, you will not have to think, it's like you end up in a completely

alien planet, where only you exist.

If you continue to exercise, it will become easier and easier every time you are out,

until eventually you will not notice that you exercise even, it gets will be a

habit for you.

Man has existed for about 200,000 years, during which almost all the time been

physical active as hunters and farmers. Until 1930-40 the number was still alive four

of five Swedes in rural areas and up to the required physical labor. In order to

whatsoever would get no food or heat, you had to work for it,

nowadays they sit in a car and go to the store to get food and you do

not strain the body. But the body needs daily manual labor, we are made

working and moving.

The human body is thus made for movement and physical activity. The last hundred years of

technological advances and industrialization have changed the way of life in a way that leads to

development of many diseases.

They do not exercise just to feel good in the soul, regular exercise improves health

and reduces the risk of suffering from various lifestyle diseases including

myocardial infarction, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis and age-related diabetes.

Because most people do not move around enough to society great expense,

who care, rehabilitation, absenteeism, lost production, sick pay costs,

early retirement and more. Probably the number of people with diabetes to age

double over the next ten years, and a large proportion of these would not have to get sick

by exercising more.

Had all exercised and enjoyed it as a routine we had done the world a great service, not

only for humans but also for the environment.

If you exercise three times a week for about 30 minutes each time, so you will

live 10 years longer than you would otherwise have done, 10 years!

So start exercising and you do the world and yourself a big favor!

For example, take the bike instead of the car, but it would change the environment and your health!
Minnie Carlsson

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