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The motorcycle history

The first man who tried to build a motorcycle was the Frenchman JG Perreaux in 1868. He tried to put a steam engine under the saddle. But it did not succeed so well. It was Gottlieb Daimler who in 1885 built the first functioning motorcycle, with a enscylindrig petrol engine. The engine was actually a car, but because of the bad space in the garage so the engine was tested in a two-wheeled vehicle instead, with frame made of wood and steel-toe wheel. It was called Einspur weighed 90 kg and had top speed of 12 km / h. It was the 260 cubic and 0.5 horses.

A tricycle, was the first practical use motorcycle built by Frenchmen Albert de Dion and Georges Bouton in 1897. Albert de Dion and Georges Bouton also started a business: DeDion Bouton. They made a motorcycle engine that could be mass produced. They did a gasoline engine that was four stroke and enscylindrig. The engine was a 138cc and gave half horsepower. It was smooth to the center of gravity was low and the motorcycle was therefore steady running. Several motorcycle manufacturers began producing bicycles for example, Husqvarna. Since the motorcycle was invented many new manufacturers come. After World War II, Triumph and Norton world leader in motorcycle manufacturing, but they Japanese brands Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki was not far behind. But now the ruling Japanese motorcycle brands which is the largest in Sweden and then the Harley Davidson (see Annex 1). When Kawasaki company was founded in 1878, it was not motorcycles that were built without including boats, trains, freight and passenger vehicles. Kawasaki is now a large company with many branches.

In the latest 50 years, the motorcycle evolved a lot. They have become much faster and a little safer. It is becoming more and more popular to ride motorcycles, this leads to accidents abound. In 2000, killed 828 motorcyclists were killed in 1142 and 2003, motorcyclists (see Annex 2). SRA has together with the motorcycle industry launched a campaign to reduce the number of accidents. The campaign aims to increase motorcycle riders' risk awareness and show that there are good role models. It is important to use proper protective gear when riding a motorcycle. The Swedish Road Administration to start a so-called biker OLA, they should analyze fatal accidents involving those concerned, inter alia, Swedish Motorcyclists (SMC) and motorcycle dealers.
As a motorcycle rider sits very unprotected and traveling at high speed, it becomes accidents usually severe. Therefore, the helmet and clothes very viktiga.Land Brand Application

Germany BMW Polismc, Touring
England Triumph Touring
1902-1976, 1980
Norton Touring
Italy Moto Guzzi Motor 1921-
Gilera mopeds 1909-
Ducati Touring 1926-1996 Sweden Huskvarna motocross 1903-1987
Husaberg motocross
Monarch Touring

United States Harley Davidson Glidarhoj
Japan Kawasaki Motor Sports / Touring
The company Heavy Industries started in 1878, motorcycle production began in 1969th
Suzuki Motor Sports / Touring
Yamaha Motor Sports / Touring
Honda Motor sports / touring
A Honda CRF250X a motocross motorcycle

But safety and the environment should of course go before the move. But research in safety and environmental sluggish. It seems that manufacturers do not care so much about safety, they care more about performance and make money.

A large part of the impetus for this trend is that the motorcycle manufacturer wants to make money, there is a demand among the customers. Higher and higher speeds, better performance, new solutions, smaller bikes, attractive design, specialization eg touring motorcycles and off-road motorcycles. Among off-road motorcycles are among others speedway- 'cross, enduro and track racing motorcycles. Coaches Motorcycles are touring and so-called glidarmotorcyklar.

speedway motorcycle
Touring Motorcycle FLHRCI Road King Classic

Triumph Speed ​​Twin 1939

Norton 1920
Enduro Yamaha 450
Racing Motorcycle GSX-R1000

Cross Motorcycle Suzuki RM-Z250

The motorcycle is an invention of a system consisting of many interacting components. The engine is a key component in itself is a system consisting of many components.

A motorcycle is driven on petrol and it brings exhaust. The exhaust gases from a gasoline contains a variety of topics, most more or less harmful. There is a substance called hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon causes cancer and can affect the genes. Of other substances in exhaust fumes can get asthma and heart problems. The exhaust gases destroy both people and nature. Those who live in big cities suffer most, there is much exhaust in the air when there are a lot of cars and motorcycles that are running. When you burn a gallon of gasoline produced more than two kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2). Very emissions of carbon dioxide affect the climate when carbon dioxide is a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is then a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. The exhaust gases also consists of nitric oxide in large quantities, nitric oxide contributes to eutrophication of lakes and seas. In the past, people did not know that the exhaust gases from combustion of gasoline was dangerous for the environment. Much research has been conducted to increase the effectiveness of emission control and combustion engines. Therefore, the exhaust gas purification gotten much better in recent years.
But still the traffic for a third of the country's total oil consumption. So there is still much to do!

Eg one can begin to develop an engine that does not require as much gasoline. Then you can develop an electric bicycle (there are already electric cars). If you put as much research on developing an electric bike that was done to improve emission control and internal combustion engines, so would an electric bike might become reality. One would have campaigns to persuade people to go more collective Eg bus, most preferably, train and tram (it is better that 50 people travel by bus than 50 people traveling in was his car). Then you can also put a more buses if necessary.

About 10 years
In 10 years, I believe the motorcycles have much better security. It may be that there are more motorcycles a car. Because if not electric bike is up to date so you have to think of something else. A more nature friendly motorcycle is something you can cope with the 10-year period we are in now. Technology is probably what will evolve most.

About 100 years
In 100 years I hardly think that a motorcycle accident happens. There are probably just motorcycles. It's great for all motorcycle manufacturers who can then build better models. Within a 100-year period, you can fly with a motorcycle. It has developed new materials that are lighter and stronger than today.

I think the bike's development is fantastic. The first motorcycle that was driving had only 0.5 horsepower 230 cubic, it came up at about 19 kilometers per hour. It was called Einspur. If we compare with a Suzuki Hayabusa that has 175 horsepower at 1300 cc, the Hayabusa has a top speed of 300 km / h. The development that has taken place, no one thought over 100 years ago. But they're not satisfied yet. At this rate of progress it may be 100 years fly and they will certainly go a lot faster then too. The motorcycle has always been a means of transport for those who want to arrive soon. Most have a motorcycle to be able to relax. Others have to run the race or ride fast on the roads.

The invention I have chosen consists of many systems, and all systems consisting of many components. The electrical system is what controls the lights and turn signals, it can also control electric start if available. The motorcycle has two separate brake, handbrake which controls the front wheel and the foot brake brakes the rear wheel. Dom new bikes have disc brakes but it was not the old ones, they had drum brakes. It is clear that the motorcycle emit a lot fumes, excessive noise. But anyone who has a motorcycle are very pleased to have one. For those who have motorcycle can just go out in the sun when the weather is nice.

Motorcycle Traffic is relatively accident prone and it is mostly young guys between 18 and 30 years. But anyone who buys motorcycles think it does not happen than himself. Those who buy motorcycle'm not aware that the risk of injury is so high. But it's also not someone who says something.

Some motorcycle brands have created different cultures such as Harley Davidson associated with eg Hells Angels, which is a criminal and feared biker gang.

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