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MP3 and Napster

Topic: Society
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Play a song that I've downloaded from Napster. I stand and say that this is my lectures on MP3 and Napster.- What is Mp3 music for something?
- Why do people download MP3 music mainly buy a CD?
- Sound quality, ändrads something?
- What is Napster?
- What does the law say?
- And what do artists and I?
- Questions?

The music

Mp3 or mpeg3 are actually abbreviations of the full name is MPEG Audio Layer3 has evolved out of the German Fraunhofer IIS Institute in collaboration with the Erlangen University, also located in Germany. Initially it was thought that it would find solutions for digital radio broadcasting. Mp3 Music have removed all the sounds that the human ear can not perceive. MP3 is ten to twelve aisles smaller than a regular CD tracks. A minute of music in MP3 format takes about 1MB, while one minute of CD music takes about 12MB. To listen to MP3 music also needed some programs such as Winamp and Winplay.


People choose to download music from the Internet because many of them think that ordinary music is too expensive, others may want to have several thousand songs and some are too lazy simply to tear themselves away from the computer, and then you do everything, where even ordered home fast. But most people probably think this: Why pay SEK 160 for a CD when I can get it free? And I do not think there is such a difference between a CD track or MP3 music.

The quality

As I have said changed hardly anything when making a CD track into an MP3 file. Only sounds that the ear can not perceive is deleted and the table thus not detected, but in any way, you notice it anyway. But the difference is not so great, and because one can save 160 SEK to download the CD you want rather than go to the nearest record store and buy it. But now the albums started to be released on DVD with accompanying music videos and interviews so now enough competition to harden slightly.


Napster is a program that allows users to share out their MP3 files in a fast and simple way, and to chat with. The company that developed Napster, founded in the summer of 1999 out of two American students, Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Their idea was to make it easier for people handling out of MP3 files. But the ever-increasing use, around 25 million now Napster has grown to a digital society where people communicate and replace files with each other.

Other Applications

Napster is not alone as many may seem to believe. There are many similar programs that function in the same manner as Napster. There are programs that Scour, Audio Gnome and Macster.


It is under copyright law prohibited to spread or to download music from the Internet without permission from the rights-holder. It is also forbidden
to a website providing links to illegal music. Any violation of copyright law in Sweden may result in fines or imprisonment not exceeding two years. You can also become liable for damages and music equipment seized.

The artists

Many artists are understood sour when people downloading their music for free from the Internet. But a lot of artists feel that it is good, for example, those who have just created a band and fixed a song in MP3 format and then sends it to some and thus get free advertising by song spread. But there are also many artists who have a record contract and the amount of money that do not become acidic because they do not sell less records, how does it work? ... Yes the fans see that it has come out a new single and loading course down the sentence listening to the and think that it is good you can say that there is a taste. Do the fans that the song is good, they might buy the disc.

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