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Music development

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Music has many forms to be expressed in ie Artistic and cultural expression. The music itself is rendered in response to various sounds and tones by using special instruments or the human voice. It is also one of the largest art and entertainment forms, a vocational educational and scientific fields, leisure interests and communication tool, and more.
The music originated from nature. Birds chirping, a stone thrown into the water. These sounds mimicking humans and develops into music. The music spread from lips to lips and from instrument to instrument. Development is taking place constantly. The story begins right from the man's first years on earth. Early used "tools" as they used to play with, we now call for tools. The most common instrument was the drum and the flute, while it is now for the most part is the guitar that apply.
Music history, and mainly music of the people, began a long time ago. It is possible that music arose before the speech, and certainly before the written word. Music is in every human culture, modern or contemporary, and in every place on earth.
A culture genre of music influenced by culture, all other aspects, including social and economic organization, climate and access to technology. Even the feelings that the music radiating situations where music is played and listened to, and attitudes towards musicians and composers varies between different regions and periods.
50 - century, when the time was ripe, in the middle of the 50th century, the blues was integrated in the white music culture. It required when white artists to make this possible. Rock`n`roll became a concept where borrowed rhythm and emotional expression of colored musicians and created a whole new kind of music that young people from all social condition estimated. Parents' outrage over the sexually provocative style that threatened the traditional lifestyle was nothing that deterred the young people, rather the contrary. Elvis Presley was both one of the first that one of the biggest stars.
The classic Rock and the role music was not particularly internationally, or for that matter not spread beyond the United States either. The big stars of the genre was first and foremost Elvis but also Chuck Berry and Bill Haley.

Elvis has made many famous hit songs such as Love Me Tender and King Creole.
An ancestor-known artist Chuck Berry that made many famous rock classics, but most of his songs were not known until other groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones began to replay it.

Bill Haley really was too old for the youth audience, for he was a full 27 years when he made his breakthrough could at least keep up until the year 1957. His big hit was the rock around the clock and has become a hit song that is played worldwide.

In the late 50s there was a lot of scandals in the media about the outspoken lyrics. It also discussed a lot about morality when it came Rocken role. Nowadays, most people think that the future of texts is completely harmless if compared with today's rock music's lyrics.
In the early 60 - century, the black music heavily influenced by gospel.
The positive gospel music mixed with the bluesy blues music and became Soul.

They began to raise political problems in the lyrics, the lyrics were about the blacks' rights social injustice, that it was against nuclear weapons and war.
The music became more brutal and harder, the volume was screwed up and noises in became rougher.
The pope came most in England with mainly group The Beatles. The Rolling Stones were also new to the Pope but they had more bluesy and aggressive music without vocal harmonies.
In the late 60th century, the three new styles of music, it was Jassrock, symfoniskroch and hard rock.
In the 70 century, it happened a lot in the youth music. A lot of new styles of music came up and it was: Disco, Hard Rock, synth, punk, reggae, etc.
It was more complex and complicated music that was highly targeted to young people and even children.

Jazz Rock music. Jazz and rock began to mix more and more in the beginning and Jazz Rock music took form. But after a while, jazz rock more complicated and roundabout

Hard rock began in England with the group Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Hard rock singer sang often with higher pitches and shriller. The drums were intensified and the sound became heavier. Other famous punk was a reaction to it was so expensive to go to rock concerts. Punk style is as well as a kind of life, or at least a bubbly. Punk is a simplified side of the rock, with simple equipment, simple chords and often scratched it in the garage. Punk especially not feelings of joy but more despair, hopelessness and aggressiveness.
It became popular with synth pop and hard rock in the '80s, and there was also the genes for coat like death metal, black metal mm. During the 80's began the machines that Adipose seriously in music. Synthesizers became mandatory and drum machines appeared. The rhythm was also important during the 80s.
It was hard rock that was in the '80s with its own identity. The clothing style had a role in the development of rock. One was wearing jeans jacket with a lot of ridiculous stickers and symbols. Skin pants were also to be reckoned with. The most selling and "inside" Michel Jackson and Madonna.

During the 90's first year generated a new form of music that violates this mentality, among other things. This is done in the US, "grunge" is a new concept. Nirvana, the style's most famous bands, going from practically nowhere and "explodes" the West's charts in 1992 with the album "Nevermind". The very title suggests a new approach to the world. Nirvana's music is raw with a desperate tone and punk attitude.
Now is the time changed in music now, you should not have long hair anymore or hard painted around the eyes and such typical things.
Now it's more that you should be fine, or rather half-naked in her music videos or their concerts to be known, it's almost the way it works at this time. It feels like no artists are loved for their music but more for what they look like. It is wrong anyway, Elvis time, he was both loved by her awesome style and his great music now becomes one often also convicted over what kind of music you listen to, but now it is more "inside" by listening to RnB and such music . Imagine what everything is changing, however.
I think that music is something tremendously wonderful and beautiful, it's amazing what you can express themselves in ways like that. It also affects us listeners to music that captures the music's message.
Sweden has for a long time been one of the world leaders in the export of music, both as performers and the production of records. In recent years, CD sales declined because it came opportunities that made it possible to download music in formats such as CD, MP3 and cell phones through the Internet.

So what was required to become a star? - Yes: white, good, good looking, sexy even on stage, great songs, big record companies and a manager.

Sara Naser

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