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Music History

Topic: History, Music
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1. Write everything you can about the three musical styles and compare.
2. Explain and write about the similarities and differences between contemporary music and contemporary music. 1st
Baroque took place during the years 1600 to 1750. The Baroque became ever more melancholy and emotional music can be because it was half past one year war that took place during this epoch in Europe. One can differences and similarities between painting and music. In painting painted Rembrandt and Rubens muscular and very detailed paintings that depicted people. The music would also be detailed, epic and powerful. During the Baroque designed to specific styles and pieces for violin, organ and piano. Johan Sebastian Bach was a famous musician who lived during the Baroque period. His favorite instrument was the organ.

Wienklassicismen took place during the years from 1750 to 1810. Now it was again light, easy, entertaining and elegant music that mattered. The city where it all happened was, of course Vienna. Musicians from all over the world found their way to that particular town. Now came the symphony and consists of four sections. Strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical prodigy. Already at an early age, he began to compose. Another of the three largest Ludwig van Beethoven.

Romanticism took place during 1810-1880. After industrialization, many move back from the cities to the country. It said it was "better sooner." In the country believed in mystical beings that gnomes, trolls, etc. National Romanticism grew strong. Many virtuosos became popular during this time.

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