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Subject: Biology , Animals
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Although ants and humans look so very different, there are many similarities between them. Both ants and humans live in communities where they help each other. In a large ant community can live almost a million ants. There are about as many as live in people's community in Sweden, Stockholm.
The ants' society all have a job. Many ants are hunters or collectors. They set off from his stack to find food. When the weather is good, it is much traffic on the small myrvägarna, going to and from the stack. When the ants come back they carry worms and beetles, flower seeds and pine needles, and a lot of other things. Ants are strong and can carry several times their own weight.
Some ants working inside the stack. They receive what the other brings. They put things in the right place in the various rooms. At each entrance of the stack sits a guard ant smells of those coming home. All the ants in the stack has the same smell! And thus released no foreign ants into the stack. The stack is always one or more so-called queens. It is they who decide.
Sometimes it can be a war between two anthills that are close together. But there are also many anthills living in peace and never bothered, even though they are neighbors.
In winter, the ants move into his cellar under the stack. As high as the anthill is on top of the ground, just as far into the earth goes den.I stack is the proper order. There are different rooms for almost everything. For example, the nursery for the newborn ants and äggkammare where the queen ant Laying hens.

Each anthill have pets that ants take care of very carefully. Pets live in the trees around the anthill. That is why you so often see ants climbing trees.
Pets are small insects called aphids. The ants milking their aphid. But instead of regular milk, it will charge a sugar juice. It is absolutely delicious ants know. When there is a war between two anthills, it is often the pets they are arguing about.

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