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Subject: Biology, Animals
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Ants are in thousand's of different races within the species. Today there are about 12,000 different ants. Most ants have those fundamental forms of an ant has such large rear with a rather small stomach, depending on whether it is an airplane ant or a regular. The head also tend to be quite large and usually the females. Ants tend to usually be brown, black and red. The males tend to have wings with a reinforced between body to hold up the wings. They also have a head with large eyes to be able to fly around and mate with females. The queen is usually also a winged but the wings grows with time, they are born with them. Ants are born into a certain class and has a certain function depending on the temperature of the ovaries of the queen when she föder.Myrorna communicate with each other by rubbing their antennae that sits on their head against each other. Without it, the communication may be useless. There are pheromones (odors) as they recognize things. Can e.g. an ant and hits on a myrdrottning the way it is related to it will carry her to there goal. Do it fail, the ant ie not related to it, it will kill her. All this is thanks to the pheromones that sits on the antenna. Ants usually do not need to touch the other ants to make contact with them, it is usually enough to those uses to spray pheromones so that other ants can smell for knowing what to do.

Ant is quite a fascinating creature. Ants can for example bear its triple weight without any problems. If ants are heading to a place that has no functioning the way, some ants that klingra attach themselves to each other to build a living bridge, when the ants swelling has come upon release they then go and die. It may sound quite strange but it should look the Communists' wet dream and a slave-working community. Ants' life based on work, work and more work. Within myrsamhället are the soldier ants, "lardödarmyror" and worker ants that usually consist of sterile females. Each has its special role in society. Soldier ants are beefy ants that have very large jaws that will be sure to keep order in society and the attack of enemies. Working Ants are those who work and ensure that the leaves that are home to the anthill is clean of leafless, married and the eggs of other insects. "Larvae Kills Ants" are those ants with very sharp jaws that are adapted and specialized to shred the leaves while working ants cleans them from biocides and other toxins that are harmful. An ordinary day in a bog community may look like this; soldier ants guarding anthill and keep order while the larva kills the ants from cutting blades and next are working ants cleans the leaves of biocides and then bring it to the nest the queen ant living on the math and breed ants. One other example of the ants advanced anthill is a Myrbo is at the water it needs protection. The ants know that the tide will flow past and destroy the stack by muscle ini holes. Why build them a hole in the side of the stack and a bottom for the water to be removed. They also have vents in tunnels in the stack that everyone has a certain temperature depending on the purpose for which it has.

Ants behave much like humans in certain aspects. Ants are born into a certain class throughout his life working to support the community and the queen. Against each other are those who mates and often when they are related. Will they not from the same family there may be a conflict. Most often they kill each other, or it will become accepted by the others in the new society. To draw a parallel with humans working ants for most of his life as a man, they have different classes within society that sustains and even the Queen -kung, queen and president. They are wary of the doings and des management that I mentioned earlier about the bridge construction.

Ants tend not to be as exposed to livskatastrofala problems, but less annoying problems encountered them. In the summer of wolves and birds destroy their stack by digging in the coming years bog eggs that they find quite good. During the winter plays out the same show with the rather down badgers.

Ants are born into a certain class that is specialized to a particular thing. There are soldier ants, working ants and larvae kill ants all in black, hum and red color. The body is shaped as three sausages which stuck together. The backside is enlarged while the body of the males are strong because of their wings as the females do not. The males have a pretty easy job compared with working ants consisting only of females.
I think the ants are those most underrated insect of all living beings. They were the only ones who survived the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They have survived for thousands of years and has advanced societies as most mammals do not even know can feast upon. They have thousand's of advanced physical and even mental health agencies that let them fly, build, have compassion, prioritize, anticipate, smell and many other things. Ants also have a role in the religious. According to the Koran and the Bible, I believe that the Prophet Soloman who was the king of the Israeli Empire for several thousand years ago when his troops were heading toward a place he heard the queen ant said, beware Soloman and his troops are on the way to moss you !. This he heard and took care of the ants. He was gifted to talk to animals. This event has MISTAKE ants to be holy in Islam and it is a sin to kill them.

Sara Naser

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