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Mysticism in the summer heat

Topic: Swedish
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It was the summer end in the 8th grade and John was thinking "at last summer, at last only a year away." Inside the church where the conclusion was it was hot and humid, the kind where the air so you almost fall asleep when the principal stands and babbling on about what has been well and so on.
All 24 pieces in the class had a family member with them, except John. His father Rolf was working too much, almost all the time actually and his stepmother Agnes was at home and latade themselves all day, he did not mean a thing for her, she just wanted to have Dad and money.
Now it was finally finished with his head teacher so now would only music group sing blomstertid and then it's the end of this year.
Seven minutes later, we are on the way to the classroom for the grade distribution, John is not nearly as excited to see them like everyone else seems to be, he knows with him that it has street quite badly in school this year. Their mentor, my name called out by name, and somewhere in the middle was John Nelson, he walked over took it and went again in the back of the classroom to sit.
At 10:20 pm it was time to say goodbye and wish you happy summer, at. 10:25 was all the way home. Some took the bus, some went by car, moped or left, but John was the only one who rode great today. He walked alone toward the bike shed where the girls who smoke tend to stand, he walked around the corner to the small shed and noticed to his surprise that his fine green metallic bike was not there and began slowly pacing the two kilometers home.
When he was halfway home in the middle of a small copse, he sat on a rock and opened the envelope with his grades, he went very slowly up the patch and looked with amazement at the two VG he had been in the picture and math, but he had also IG in two subjects, namely English and Spanish and the rest G.
He put the patch in the envelope again and went back home, when he was about 500 yards from the house so he sees something black and bloody lying in the ditch and he walks a little closer to see what it is, well up in the ditch, he sees that there is neighbor's rabbit and it still breathes. He ran back 150 yards and knocked on the neighbor and it was a little girl who opened, so he asked "Have you your mom or dad home?" The girl with the long light brown hair turns toward the house and runs away, after a while, she will out with its newly awakened mother who must had fallen asleep on the couch for a book as usual. He asks if the mother can get out for a while and she comes with, well out there so he tells what he saw and was wondering what to do. The mother named Henrietta suggests they together go away and look at the rabbit, when she saw what condition it is in so she decides that she will run it to the vet and ask if John can fit her daughter, Wilma, John is responsible, of course, yes, and then go into their house to borrow the phone to call home.
As usual, it takes about ten rings before someone answers and of course will respond Agnes and he tells her that he is the neighbor and fit Vilma and then so she responds with a short "OK" and then she puts på.När Henrietta is the vet so she will know that the rabbit must have surgery if it is to have the chance to survive but it will be critical few days ahead and that the time will stay at the clinic a few days.
When Henrietta got home after the visit will go home, John and Henrietta tells his 6-year-old daughter what happened.

Back home, John discovers to his surprise that his dad is home, he looks at his watch and sees that it is 15:03 and understand that it must have been something special. John walks around the house but find nobody, not even scratch their cat, he looks out of one window to the back and where he sees his father with Agnes, lying on a blanket in the grass and hugging. The only thing he thinks is "what disgusting", but he still decides to go out and say hi and so does he. In response he gets a little murmur of Agnes, while Rolf gets up
Hi, how was it at the end?
It was okay I guess
Just okay?
Yes, none of you were there
Do not come grandmother?
No, not what I saw but it does not matter
What happened to the ratings then?
Shit, for real this time
It was not great, but if I see them later when
Dom's on the kitchen table, I go in a while
Okay, it will be dinner at 18.00 so do not eat so much before that.

John goes down to his room in the basement and sits in an office at the high träskrivbordet and turn on the computer, he heard the machine started humming and see the screen light up. His background shows a scantily clad busty girl doing a sexy pose. He will once again on the idea that he will never get a girl, will never feel true love or a warm, soft girl's body in his hands.
When the computer has been completely set ups so log in to John msn messenger, but as usual, no one writes to him. It is only when he decides to get some new contacts, perhaps even an Internet romance, he thinks, and grins, but there was not very likely. He goes in to both saints and Lunarstorm and find all sorts of people with different personalities, styles of dress, age and musical taste, himself, he listens to a little punk, but mostly rock. He adds about 25 pieces on his msn, almost all agree on and he begins to write with them, some are just annoying but others are really interesting and fun. He starts talking a bit more with a girl who is a year younger one to him, that is 14 years. John continues to write with her until his father screams at him for the fourth time that there was food, then said he should eat now but I come in later.

And as he sat and ate, he came on he did not even know her name or where she lived, it was he just had to ask then. He began to wonder a bit every scratch was, he had not seen the cat all day
Dad, you've seen the Scratch?
No, I thought he was inside of you, I have not seen him since this morning
I do not either and that is what worries me, he is always there when you smell food
We may look for him when we ate
Yes, we do that, Agnes, you help us?
With what?
Look for Scratch course
He has probably just run away or something
Do not say that, so you can help then?
Dad fuck her
Yeah, that shit in me I have better things to me like the sun.

In seven starts John and his father to look for Scratch, John, looking inside and Rolf out. After an hour of searching, they find yet no trace of him. When the clock struck 20:17 so they stop looking, surprised to find nothing, not even a trace of him. John and his dad decides to wait until the next day with the search.

John goes back to his room and sits down at his computer chair and staring straight into the screen saver which is a combined amount of pictures out of scratch. After about five minutes, regaining his composure when he thought about what had actually happened during the day, missing bike, damaged rabbit and cat run away. Sure he was a bit worried that something happened to the little black and white cat as soon as he had already been in two years.
He got up and opened the window to get some air to clear the brain, he turns and goes away again to his chair and sits down. He grabs the mouse and log on to MSN to see if she was inside, his new Internet-flirt.
She was inside, he was about to write hello but she did before and so was the conversation going
What are you doing?
Listening to music, sj, then?
Nae nothing, wondering where the cat is gone ...
Yeah have not seen him since yesterday
It is certainly not something happened, yes am sure that he is back tomorrow
Brb ... to pick up soda
Ok ...

John goes out of her room and up the stairs, on the way to the kitchen he passes the living room and a disgusting sight of his father with Agnes lie and intimate cuddle on the couch, he shudders to the discomfort. He then went to the kitchen, opened the big silver refrigerator, took out a 33cl can of cola and then turned back down to its cold rooms.
He sat down again on the chair and said to her
Back now
Okay ^ ^
What are you drinking then?
Soft Drinks : P ... Nee but cola
Ok .. the best
Yep. But yes you never know huh you called before!?!
No ... the same for me
You may say first
Okay ... Amanda ... you do?
Promise not to laugh when ... you will find they are really ugly
Oh no ... tell me now
Okay ... John
It's very nice
Thank you or something ...
But yes you need to sleep now at 's like an almost
Do you not running as long huh?: P
Haha .. yes to me va a mate tomorrow only, we're going early to town
Okay, so can only know one thing
Well get freaky
Where do you live somewhere?
In Kiruna
Well 
Hahahahaha ... no it does not ... yes yes live in Frölunda
Okay ... are you going to North Town tomorrow or when?
Yes, but how do you know the type ... have you been here sometime or what?
Let's just say that I live in Hisingen
Nehe ... you kidding
Mostly yes do not do ... so I thought that if you do not mind it so maybe we could meet somewhere tomorrow or when?
But my friend is supposed to Me
Yes, you should never meet a stranger alone ;)
It is as clear: P ... we'll see then .. log on to msn type at 8:15 tomorrow then
Okay then, we say so ... good night
Sweet dreams, kiss

He took hold of the mouse and clicked on the sign out at the top right corner of the window, then he thought what the hell he would wear the next day. Nothing too fancy, nothing dirty, um his old sagging half torn jeans and a black skater shirt with patterns in white and beige on.
He checked her hotmail to see if someone sent something, he had 27 new emails and only one differed from the amount it was from little_pretty_girl, Amanda. The case was "forgot something" in the mail she had written "forgot to give you this ..." and so she had written her phone number. He took even the cell phone and key uses in both name and number and quickly went there for now, he was both excited and nervous, what should he do, what he would do. He decided to send a text message to her so she got his number also in the text message he wrote "Hello, can I get a picture of you tomorrow morning?", 2 minutes after when he truly believed that she would not answer he received the answer "some cutie's back.
He went and closed the window as he had previously opened and then sat in bed and looked straight into the light green wallpaper with a slightly darker patterned band that went through the room. He took off his shirt and trousers and lay down to sleep and he slept like a rock.

The next morning when he awoke the alarm on the phone, it was 08:00, he sat up, rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple times to get ideas of where he was. He sat there for about 2 minutes to awaken to and then made it up to turn on the computer. Meanwhile, the computer started as he opened the closet and slipped on a bar soft shorts and a black tank top. It was 08:16 when he logged onto msn and there she was, they said hello and she said they could be seen in town at 12:00 outside the Italian restaurant Othello at the little boom and so it was decided they said goodbye and logged out. He changed immediately if the clothes he had picked out for today while home to Västtrafik loaded, when he had switched on as he sat white computer to check bus times. Now it was at 8:38 and the next bus is 09:24, so he decides to take it, that means he has to go home about a quarter past. He goes up and out to the kitchen, grab a cereal box with Coco Pops, a meal package, a yellow cup and a tablespoon of blue plasthantag, he sat down and ate when his father suddenly came into the room.
He held the envelope with the grades in and said
This we can take care next year, do not think about it, by the way you somewhere?
What do you mean then?
You are up so early and dress like your old self
I'm going into town
Okay with whom?
Myself, you will not remember, no friends
But somebody ...
No. I have no friends but I might get one today

John explains to her father who looks surprised but happy, the only Rolf says is "wait". His father walks away, and John continues to eat, just in time that he has eaten so will his dad back, here you go "he says and gives him a 500-patch and we will call you if there is something, John, thank you and then run down to his room to retrieve the mobile, bus pass and wallet. He leapt again, taking her shoes and quickly on his way, the father crying goodbye and he makes it back.

Agnes asks Rolf to what it was with John and Rolf said the same thing that he had just been told by his son, the only Agnes said was "so pathetic".

Now, at five minutes to twelve, and he just came in that he has not seen any picture of her so how would he know what she looked like, or worse, what if she had deceived him. He took the cell phone and sent a text message to Amanda, he wrote "Hello, I am here now but how do we know who is who?" He was told "it shows". When the clock was 12:02 so get there two cute girls to meet him and it turned out to be them. Amanda was a bit long wavy dark brown hair and the other named Julia had red hair completely straight.
He was lucky with what they were for types, in which case it looked like it. They put on a little rock, perhaps a little glam, too, so they listen enough, for example, Motley Crue, he thought. He knew that he was a decent person connoisseur, he had been told for many years.
After they had said hello and introduced himself as it was an embarrassing silence that lasted an eternity, it seemed John anyway. Since he had nothing to say, he stood and looked down on the dirty sidewalk they were standing on. Most of all, he wanted to just run to the nearest bus home and jump on it, but no, he was curious what would happen next.
The time was 12:17 and he had just checked out to say anything when he responded that it was a police car after police car in their direction, all three were questioned and looked at each other. After a while it was also an ambulance and a piketbil. They rushed toward Othello, one by one, then came some that sealed off the area so they had to go back a few meters during the time that they would put up barrier tape. Then came the two ambulance rushing to a stretcher into the restaurant in front of some 50 people who were eating lunch.
After about five minutes they come out with a man on the stretcher, John seemed to recognize him but could not quite place who it was or where he had seen him. Then suddenly shouted Julia "It's Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister" and then began to even more people show up.
When the ambulance finally drove away were the people ran after it and threw things and screamed.
When it had calmed down came the crime scene investigators and other police people when he decided to make another attempt to say something.
This was a little strange start to an acquaintance (John)
Yes, it can be said (Amanda)
We should start somewhere or you shall Gulla all day? (Julia)
What? You are probably just jealous (Amanda)
There, I'm not there, I decided myself that I had to dump Eric (Julie)
But you will of course be together next week after all! (Amanda)
Nehe (Julia)
Joho (Amanda)
Nehe, Nehe (Julia)
Yes, yes, yes (Amanda)
Stop it girls, we would go somewhere or not? (John)
We eat at Burger King, I think, all the excitement has made me hungry (Julia)
Your little gluttons, I do not get how you can be as narrow,
but I want to eat at McDonald's (Amanda)
But when we go to the well site Burger King and McDonald's have been together since (John)
Good idea, but we can just go and buy candy first? (Julia)
Okay, sure if it's okay for you John? (Amanda)
Huh? Or I mean all right (John)

They first go to Hemköp to buy sweets and then they go and eat.
John just can not stop thinking about Amanda, she is cute, funny and wonderful and so she thinks most of McDonald's just like him, can it get any better, the only question he asks himself.
It is almost four and all three are tired after a full day of shopping and errand.
They are separated and go in different directions homeward.

Once home to fly his father in him as a serpent and ask all sorts of questions about how it went and it was fun and so on. The only thing that John could do was, etc., or yes, because he could not just let her out of the tank.
He took off his shoes and went downstairs to his room when he heard Agnes shouting something to him and he calls back
What did you say?
Were there any money left?
Why? You do not have them anyway
What did you say now

She came closer, it was heard in her voice and stage and she did not sound happy, the only John the energy to do was go down to his room quickly and lock the door so that he will not have everything for a while. Outside, he hears his dad say, "Do not be like that, give the boy a chance" when she goes cruel spirit away from the father goes after.
He logs on to MSN to see if she is inside and there she is, they speak little publicly about the day and both agree that it was fun and they should do it again sometime, but only on two.
When the clock is half past three a them to bed, it takes about 15 minutes for John to go to sleep but eventually it goes.

The next day he wakes up around eleven and incur some clothes and go up to eat, he noticed to his delight that Scratch is back and scratching him behind the ear.
Then he heard his father calling out to him that it was in GT to Fredrik Reinfeldt died on Othello restaurant yesterday and wondered if I saw anything, and John replied with "I was there outside when it happened."
He opened the refrigerator and noticed to his surprise he felt sick at the thought of eating something as he returned to his room again.

5 weeks
July 13, 2007

John is now with his girlfriend Amanda, and they're going to get the mail. As an unusual take John GT and reading of one simple reason, because the first page headline "The murder of Mr Reinfeldt common ground". The article said that he had died of food poisoning, to a German man named Hans Früder had tied the cook in the freezing room and prepared Reinfeldt's food with sulfuric acid which caused the stomach acid came out of the blood that he died in the ambulance on the way to Sahlgrenska Hospital. Later in the article said that one of Reinfeldt's closest men Nils Alfredsson was arrested together with his murder of Reinfeldt. Nils Alfredsson admitted he has hired Hans to do away with Reinfeldt in hopes of getting the successor Reinfeldt.

When John finished reading and put down the paper so said Amanda "It was certainly a strange way to hold it."

Therese Samuelsson

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