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Neil Armstrong

Topic: English , History
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Have you ever thought about being the first man on the moon? I have and million kids around the world have.The year was 1930
A boy that was six years old dreamed about being an astronaut and maybe the first man on the moon. His name was Neil Armstrong. As a kid was Neil Armstrong truly fascinated about airplanes, the plane and the space. Almost all of his friends liked football, ice hockey, gymnastic or any other sports but not Neil Armstrong. He hated sports.

In an interview he sad "I think That every person have got A Certain heart-frequent. I will not waste them on training. "

His interest for planes took very much time of his spare time. One time he built a small wind tunnel into the basement of his home where he Performed experiments on model planes he built. His interest for the planes was serious.

Neil Armstrong Began taking flying lessons at the age of fifteen. He started overpriced to work at an airport. At the age of sixteen he had Sufficient knowledge about planes and theirs function That he was ready to take the pilot license. He had not received his automobile license yet. So he could fly Before He Could drive. I think That is amazing.

The dream was still in his mind, he still wanted to be an astronaut. After he graduated from Blame the high school in 1947 he Began to work at an aeronautical engineering degree. At the age of 20 he was called to active duty with the Navy. One year later he was late to the war in Korea and the carried out 78 (seventifour) escape missions.

Neil Armstrong was the youngest pilot in Florida. He joined Naca as a research pilot at the Lewis Laboratory in Cleveland. But soon he was Transferred to Naca High Flight Station at Edwards in California. Neil Armstrong did Seven 7 flights as a test pilot. He was able to attain an altitude of 63198 (sixtithree thousand onehundred ninetieight) meter!

Apollo 11
It's not just a space craft. It's the spacecraft That took Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts to the moon. In 1969, Neil Armstrong Became commander of Apollo 11th
It was a clear sunny Tuesday in July; The first manned lunar landing mission Began. On board one of Apollo 11 were Michael, Edwid, Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.
On July 20, Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the lunar surface.

This is Neil Armstrong's first step on the lunar surface. In This Moment he spoke the unforgettable words: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind"
The United States and Neil Armstrong was first to touch the lunar surface.

Neil Armstrong the American flag on the lunar surface. The Flag Is Proving the World That America was first to touch the moon. Neil was only alone on the lunar surface for a few minutes. His fellow worker Aldrin enjoyed him after 5 minutes.
After a brief visit on 2, 5 hours the astronauts Returned to the orbiting spacecraft. Any person on board survived and Returned to the Earth. They Returned down to the Earth safely on July 24 in 1969th

Neil Armstrong received the Presidential Medal of Freedom soon he came home. That was the highest Award Offered to an American. It was for his unforgettable accomplishment. Son thereafter he was awarded the NASA Medal and services no less then seventeen medals from other countries.

Armstrong was active in the Association of Deputy Administrator Until 1971. From 1971 to 1979, Neil Armstrong was professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

Neil Armstrong lives now with his wife and two kids quietly on his farm in Lebanon. Neil Armstrong is now 66 years old. We will never forget the word he sad "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind"

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